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Yung Miami opens relationship with JT and Solo Careers

Yung Miami becomes frank about it and J.T.‘s relationship, solo careers and his recent decision to set boundaries with fans.

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Yung Miami opens up about his and JT’s decision to focus on their solo careers

On Monday, June 3, Complex released an exclusive interview with Yung Miami. According to the outlet, their conversation with the rapper took place weeks before May 13.

During the conversation, Miami explained that she had recently been inspired by haters. Plus, she explained that the naysayers made her want to jump into the studio to spit out a few solo bars.

“I really had to get into my bag. People were talking crazy to me… So just experiencing the crazy stuff really motivated me to get in the studio and make music,” she said.

Additionally, the rapper shared what inspired her to want to release a full solo project. She explained that she and her latest JT City Girls project, “RAW,” released in October 2023, “didn’t work out very well” and were simply in “two different spaces.”

“I think when the City Girls album (RAW) just dropped, and it didn’t do very well, and we were just trying to get our press run. The whole album rollout was so bad because we were just in two different spaces,” she said. “We’re older now, and she (JT) was doing her own thing. She’s on the west coast, I’m in Miami. I do my own thing. And I felt like naturally, when she did her own thing, it worked for her. And when I do my own thing, it’s worked for me. But when we got together as a group, there was just no connection. It just didn’t work anymore.

Yung Miami explained that she and JT were both at the point where they decided to pursue their own solo projects.

The rapper talks about setting boundaries with fans

As the interview continued, Miami explained that she believed the only way to be successful was to “block out the noise.”

“I feel like we’re in the age of trolling, so we need to block out the noise,” she said. “…So it’s like you have to keep going and you just have to learn how to block out the noise. This is the only way you will succeed…”

The 30-year-old explained that she was very “open” with fans and that it was “fun” to show off her natural personality. However, she has now decided to set a “limit” due to “backlash”.

“I feel like I was so open before. I would go on Instagram Live and just talk. I do not do it anymore. I do it, but it’s not fun anymore. People are just too invested,” she explained. “It used to be fun. This is how I arrived, how I left to live, being who I am. But now I can say anything and it’s so bad or it’s so negative or it’s so bad. So this is the limit that I had to put in place. I’m not going to live, and I’m just going to talk less; less is more. I don’t do a lot of the things I used to do anymore.

Ultimately, Miami explained that she hated that her decision impacted the fans who truly support her. However, being open on social media just isn’t “mentally fun” anymore.

Yung Miami and JT have been making headlines recently

As The Shade Room previously reported, Yung Miami and JT left fans questioning their friendship status earlier this year. At the time, Miami accused JT of criticizing her “for weeks” in his recently released songs.

In response, JT accused Miami of “playing dumb” and added that fellow rapper City Girl enjoyed seeing social media users troll her. However, Miami disagreed.

Although the two’s internet argument went viral, they eventually reconciled in a private conversation and declared their love for each other online, according to The Shade Room.

However, it won’t be long before the couple sparks internet chatter again. Later that month, they each promoted their solo, rather than joint, releases, according to The Shade Room. While speaking with Complex, Miami opened up about her viral argument with JT before letting it be known where their relationship will be forever.

“I think it’s brotherhood. He’s my friend, of course, but to me he’s more like family,” Miami said. “I’ve known JT forever, so this isn’t our first argument. This probably won’t be our last argument. This time it’s on the Internet. It was a lot of emotions. We had people pulling on us left and right, and it was just shit that we were talking about behind closed doors, like, “Girl, I love you, and let’s keep pushing.” It’s never so deep that it can go any further than that.

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