YouTuber Aspyn Ovard files for divorce from husband Parker Ferris, announces birth of baby No. 3

YouTuber Aspyn Ovard started life as a single mother of three.

The social media star filed for divorce from husband Parker Ferris on Monday — the same day she announced she had given birth to their third child — according to court documents obtained by People.

She reportedly filed her complaint in Salt Lake City, Utah. The two have not publicly mentioned their alleged separation.

YouTuber Aspyn Ovard reportedly filed for divorce from her husband Parker Ferris the same day she welcomed their third child.
According to documents obtained by People, she filed her case Monday in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Neither Ovard nor Ferris responded to Page Six’s request for comment regarding the report.

The couple are already the proud parents of their daughters Cove, 4, and Lola, 2.

Ovard, 27, announced the arrival of her third daughter on Instagram and TikTok on Monday after revealing her pregnancy in October 2023. The exact date of her child’s birth remains unclear.

Ovard gave birth to their third daughter. Instagram/aspynovard
The YouTuber revealed that she arrived early, at 34 weeks pregnant.

Her daughter, whose name has not been revealed, was born very early, at 34 weeks pregnant.

“So I just had a baby.” I feel like I’m in shock because she’s so early,” Ovard explained in one of the many TikTok videos she’s shared about her birth journey. “My brain isn’t processing just not what’s happening.”

“She’s in the NICU right now, she’s doing great, but it’s very early so she’s going to be there for a minute.”

Ovard and Ferris announced their pregnancy in October 2023. Instagram/aspynovard
They then traveled to Mexico in March to enjoy a babymoon. Instagram/aspynovard
Ovard shared flirty photos of Ferris caressing her baby bump. Instagram/aspynovard

She went on to say that she had a feeling her baby girl would arrive early, but she never thought the baby would arrive several weeks ahead of schedule. “My other girls were two weeks early, so I thought the baby would probably follow that pattern,” she noted. “It hasn’t really hit me yet.”

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Ovard also shared a TikTok video she made with her husband as they awaited the arrival of their child. He comically lip-synced to the sound “My friend is in there” as he showed off his still-pregnant belly. They seemed to be on good terms.

The couple married in October 2015 in their hometown of St. George, Utah.

The couple has been married since 2015. Instagram/aspynovard
Ferris did not share the news of their new family member on her Instagram page. Instagram/aspynovard

They traveled to Mexico in early March for a babymoon and seemed affectionate and happy.

Ovard even shared some cozy photos with her man caressing her baby bump.

“BDE…baby daddy energy,” she captioned the snaps.

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