Young WWE fan left in tears believing Cody Rhodes ‘died’ in attack by The Rock, fans all say the same thing

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s continued jabs at fan favorite Cody Rhodes have left one child in floods of tears, fearing his hero is “dead.”

The adorable and heartbreaking clip surfaced on social media of the young girl being comforted after witnessing a savage beating inflicted on Rhodes by the People’s Champion.


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has delivered some sinister attacks on his WrestleMania foes in recent weeks, including a chilling parking lot attack on Raw.Credit: WWE

The grizzly scene – arguably barely kid-friendly given the blood and swearing involved – showed Rock dragging Rhodes to the back of the Chicago arena before punching him in the parking lot.

It added a sinister layer to what had been a largely jovial build-up from The Rock towards the upcoming WrestleMania, which sees the Hollywood star team of Roman Reigns take on Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

There was even more bad luck for the good guys on this week’s episode of Raw – Rock and the rest of The Bloodline once again left their two foes lying down after another attack.

It all proved too much to bear for one Rhodes fan on TikTok, who remained convinced that he had indeed been hailed by The Great One.

Sobbing on camera, the little one is heard saying: “I want him back…Cody Rhodes. He just died!”

The kid, repeatedly reassured by an adult voice in the video that Rhodes was indeed fine, insisted that she wanted to see Rhodes again on his next WWE show.

She added: “He’s my best friend…I want to see him again when we go wrestling.”

Reacting to the video, which appears to be a reaction to Rhodes’ initial beating in the rain, fans online all reacted the same way.

The Rock's attack on Rhodes began in the back of the Chicago arena before spreading outside where things took a sinister turn.


The Rock’s attack on Rhodes began in the back of the Chicago arena before spreading outside where things took a sinister turn.Credit: WWE

While almost everyone was initially sympathetic to the youngster’s feelings, fans posted on is a phenomenally athletic yet scripted form of live entertainment.

Many compared it to their own childhoods, where The Undertaker and Jake The Snake Roberts had been responsible for bringing harm to heroes like The Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage.

One of them said, “Bless her.” I hope she finds out that Cody is okay,” while another mused, “Hey, crying over good stories is a great childhood memory. It’s not much fun in the moment, but it’s fun to think about it later.

Another post read: “This is what it’s all about”, with another agreeing, adding: “Heels make kids cry…? The feeling is back!

Another would say, “This may be the sweetest and best wrestling reaction I have seen in my 41 years on earth.” »

The clip even aired on this week’s episode of Raw as the storyline between Rock, Reigns and their rivals continued, with Johnson insincerely adding that the girl’s sadness “broke his heart.”

A tag team match between the four titles on the first night of WrestleMania XL this Saturday, before Sunday sees Rhodes challenge Reigns for the undisputed Universal Championship.


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