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You live in the golden age of stupidity

“Stupidity,” remarked Jean Cocteau, “is always astonishing, no matter how used to it. ”

We are living in a golden age of stupidity. It’s everywhere. President Biden’s conduct of the withdrawal from Afghanistan will be remembered as a defining stupidity of our time, one among many. The refusal of tens of millions of people to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus will be analyzed as a textbook case of mass stupidity. Stupid is also stupid, or, in the case of vaccination, it is not. Stupidity and irresponsibility are evil twins.

The slow-motion zombie assault on the Capitol on Jan.6 was a perfectly silly finale to the Trump years, which featured dueling stupidities: buy one, get one for free. Political parties found themselves locked into a four-year drama of hysteria and mutually degrading abuse. Every buffoonery of the President and his people was answered by a nonsense from the other side, which in its own style was just as sinister and just as clownish.

Cable news supplied the Greek choir. The US government and politics have become caricatures. Democrats unknowingly played Wile E. Coyote at Mr. Trump’s Road Runner. On two occasions, the Democrats’ Acme impeachment committee rigged the big bomb (heh heh), lit the fuse, and held his ears. Both times the Road Runner took off. Beep beep!

“Trump is crazy! “Trump, it’s Hitler!” “Trump is a Russian agent! “Bob Mueller has the goods! ” Beep beep!