You Can Now Get Ozempic at Costco, but Don’t Expect Big Savings.

  • Costco is now selling the weight-loss drug Ozempic through a partnership with health startup Sesame.
  • Members can pay $179 for a prescription and appointment as part of a three-month plan.
  • However, this does not cover the cost of the drug GLP-1, which has gained popularity but can be expensive.

Silver bars and sushi aren’t the only new additions to Costco’s product selection this year. Now you can also get a prescription for the weight loss drug Ozempic from the retailer.

Costco began offering the prescriptions through a partnership with healthcare startup Sesame, CNN reported Tuesday. For $179, members can get a prescription for the weight-loss drug GLP-1 as well as a meeting with a doctor or specialist. Members who receive the drug can also message a doctor with questions or problems while continuing to use Ozempic.

One thing the program – which lasts three months and is renewable – does not include is the true cost of Ozempic, which can cost up to $1,600 per month without insurance, CNN reported. Obtaining insurance covering the medication remains difficult for non-diabetic users, and some employers fear the costs will strain their finances.

Costco did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s requests for comment. Michael DiLorenzo, Sesame’s chief marketing officer, told BI that the company has seen the number of participants in the startup’s weight loss service increase 50 times since it unveiled the option with Costco on Tuesday.

DiLorenzo said Sesame “is working to ensure that the products we currently have in the market with Costco – weight loss, primary care and mental health – deliver the exceptional experience and results that Costco members expect from everything what they get from Costco. “

Ozempic, Wegovy and other GLP-1 drugs have gained popularity among people trying to lose weight in recent years. Originally intended to treat type 2 diabetes, the drug uses semaglutide, an ingredient capable of moderating blood sugar levels. It can also reduce appetite, which is why it has gained traction among non-diabetic patients trying to lose weight.

Drug sales have been so strong that they likely helped Denmark avoid a recession since the country is home to Novo Nordisk, maker of Ozempic and Wegovy.

Costco began working with Sesame last fall to offer basic health services, such as virtual exams. GLP-1 drugs were not initially part of the partnership, according to Sesame co-founder and chairman Michael Botta.

But about one in five requests Sesame received through the Costco program were for weight loss, so Sesame developed the offering to cater to those customers.

“We realized pretty quickly, just by looking at what people were interested in, that there was a clear unmet need here,” he told CNN.


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