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WASHINGTON – At first glance, Adewale Adeyemo and her future boss, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, are unlikely partners.

The 39-year-old from Southern California, Mr. Adeyemo emigrated from Nigeria to the United States with his parents as a child. A lawyer by training, he first came to Washington to serve in the Obama administration.

Ms. Yellen is a 74-year-old labor economist from Brooklyn who has spent decades in academia and has held some of the government’s key economic policy-making positions over a 40-year career.

Both, however, were brought up in working-class neighborhoods by parents very keen on economic opportunity. This common experience led them to careers in economics and public service. Now Mr. Adeyemo is President Biden’s choice to serve as Ms. Yellen’s Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.

“My goal will be to advance policies that give everyone access to the same economic opportunities that I have enjoyed,” he will tell the Senate Finance Committee during its confirmation hearing Tuesday, according to his prepared remarks. “Taking steps to ensure that all Americans participate in our prosperity is not just a moral imperative, it is essential to our long-term economic growth.”

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