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Yannick Jadot: “I will support cultural creation” – Presidential Election

Why are cultural issues important to an environmental candidate?

Artists are having a hard time with the pandemic. It is important to support them. Because culture is what helps shape our imaginations. Both on the realities we live in and on the society in which we can project ourselves. It is a vector of openness and emancipation, far from the regressive visions that tend to invade political debate.

What do you plan to offer in this campaign?

France must remain a great country of culture. Public policy remains an important lever for this. Culture will be an important part of the investment plan of 50 billion euros per year that I am proposing to rebuild our economy. My inspiration being what Roosevelt did in the 1930s in the United States with his New Deal. If I am elected president, 25% of the budget of the Ministry of Culture will be dedicated to creation. This represents one billion euros per year for artists.

One of the debates at the moment is about cancel culture. Do you think it is a good idea to delete a work because it is racist or sexist?

I am not for erasing our history. I am for looking at it with lucidity to draw inspiration from the most magnificent pages and to learn lessons from the darkest pages.

It is also important to keep in mind that controversies over history begin when a country has no plans for its future. This is why I want, by tackling the challenge of climate, life, solidarity, to give back a perspective.

Your campaign went through a zone of turbulence with the Hulot affair and the withdrawal of your spokesperson Matthieu Orphelin, because of his proximity to the host. How did you experience this episode?

Nicolas Hulot is a former host of TF1. I do not mind that this is deported on us and that we wonder about EELV, but the attacks we are talking about concern more the media world than the political world. Environmentalists have always considered the fight against gender-based and sexual violence to be absolutely essential. We have always done everything to ensure that women are heard.

This is why, when I hear the statements of Emmanuel Macron, speaking of an inquisition on the part of the media, I am deeply shocked. I see that he still has not understood what was going on in society.

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