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Xbox sparks furor over using AI-generated art to promote indie games

The ID@Xbox program has been growing for years now, with an independent team at Microsoft using it to build relationships with developers and bring their games to Xbox and sometimes, Game Pass too. However, a now-deleted Christmas post from Team Green did little to improve the public’s perception of Xbox and its indie agenda this week.

To put it simply, Xbox released a Christmas post on its social media channels featuring AI-generated artwork. The post was honest enough, but the image that accompanied it spoiled the team’s message – and it was quickly removed by the folks at Xbox.

This is what the image looked like before it was extracted:

Good then, maybe it was an honest mistake and the art wasn’t supposed to be used in the first place – hence it was removed. However, it’s much more likely that Xbox reacted quickly to the poor reception this post received in just a few hours. Here are some of the fan reactions to the AI ​​image on Twitter:

We agree that it’s not a good idea for Microsoft to use AI art in any way to promote Xbox – let alone the team’s independent program is supposed to do its best to showcase the most talented small developers in the industry. We sincerely hope that Xbox has learned its lesson and that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again in the future.

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