‘X-Men ’97 “Motendo/Lifedeath” Easter Eggs

X-Men ’97 continues the successes with an all-new episode on Disney+ — and this week’s action-packed adventure delivered some 16-bit action! And as if seeing Jubilee fight her way through a few layers of chaos, “Motendo/Lifedeath – Part 1” also includes the first part of a major turning point in Storm’s life. In fact, if you know who the Adversary is, then you know that it’s probably a major turning point in the life (and death?!) of every X-Man. Oh – and Forge? Don’t think you’re out of the woods yet! We trusted you!

Can’t get enough of the X-Men after watching episode 4? You’re in luck, because there are a lot of deep references to unpack. And if your old gaming systems are still plugged in, you’ll definitely want to turn them on and switch to side-scrolling. The nostalgia is real in “Motendo” and the feelings are raw in “Lifedeath – Part 1”.

Below you’ll find a whole bunch of X-Men Easter eggs from Episode 4, “Motendo/Lifedeath – Part 1.” DISCLOSURE warning, obviously, but you knew that! What are you waiting for? Our deep dish – I mean deep dive In X-Men ’97 Episode 3 awaits you!

  • The opening credits

    X-Men ’97 the opening credits continue to be filled with Easter eggs that keep the series ridiculously fresh. For example, Episodes 1-3 featured Jean Gray with her hair down and Episode 4 switches to Ponytail Jean. For what? Because the Jean from episodes 1 to 3 was actually a clone.

    Photos: Disney+

    And then there are the reanimated moments from the previous animated series. These credits include thanks to…

    Jubilee saving Longshot from Mojo (3×10, “Longshot”)

    Photos: Disney+

    Polaris holds Havok after the X-Men’s skirmish with X-Factor (3×11, “Cold Comfort”)

    X-Factor episode of X-Men
    Photos: Disney+

    …and the mentally excluded Professor Xavier by Emma Frost (3×15, “The Dark Phoenix, Part II: The Inner Circle”)

    Photos: Disney+
  • The era of video games has passed

    X-Men #141 (1980) by John Byrne (artist), Terry Austin (inker)
    X-Men #141 (1980) by John Byrne (artist), Terry Austin (inker) Photos: Disney+/Marvel

    When Jubilee and Sunspot find themselves thrust into a deadly Motendo game, they immediately reenact one of the most famous X-Men covers of all time: X-Men #141, the first part of “Days of Future Past”. If you see two mutants leaning against a wall with a huge research poster on them, you know things are about to get serious.

  • Konami Flashback

    You can’t talk about the ’90s X-Men without talking about the hit Konami arcade game from 1992. While the side-scroller pulled drawings from the ’80s X-Men comics (and the failed animated pilot “Pryde of the X-Men”), he was inextricably part of the ’90s X experience. Of course X-Men ’97 was going to pull elements from the arcade game, and those elements include three level designs:


    Caricature of the CITY
    Photo: Disney+
    CITY konami
    Photo: Konami/Marvel


    M Jungle Island Cartoon
    Photo: Disney+
    Island M Jungle Konami
    Photo: Konami/Marvel


    Battle with the cartoon Magneto
    Photo: Disney+
    Fight with Magneto Konami
    Photo: Konami/Marvel

    The only problem: Magneto didn’t say “Welcome to die!” Honestly, X-Men ’97 I’m lucky that it’s so full of X-Men references that I can overlook what should be a glaring error.

  • Abscissa

    Photo: Disney+

    During their escapade in Mojoworld’s most popular video game, Jubilee and Roberto are aided by a mysterious player dressed like the main character from what I would call Tim Burton’s film. Hellraiser. Turns out he’s the last surviving beta tester of Mojo’s deadly game, an alternate reality version of Jubilee herself.

    In the comics, Jubilee’s Abscissa variant debuted in 1992. Wolverine #52. She was held captive as Mojo’s slave in exchange for Mojo not destroying all reality. Abscisse has not been seen since Wolverine #53, however, because his timeline was destroyed when our Jubilee refused to serve Mojo.

    And an Easter egg within an Easter egg: Abscissa is voiced by Alyson Court, Jubilee’s original voice actor (and Jubilee is now voiced by Holly Chou).

  • Meet the opponent

    The opponent
    Photo: Disney+

    Well, that certainly doesn’t look good —! First Storm loses her powers. She then discovers that the guy who promised to help her actually developed the technology that stole those powers from her. And on top of all that, the guy’s ranch is apparently haunted by a giant half-owl, half-Rancor creature who wants to destroy Storm. This creature is ominously called the Adversary – which, you have to hand it to the guy for being upfront about his motivations. He is the Adversary!

    This is a big deal, because the Adversary is pretty much the only villain to manage to kill all of the X-Men. An ancient trickster god feared by the Cheyenne, the Adversary sought to destroy all of reality and construct a new one in its place, modeled on his own dimension of chaos. It turns out that Forge was raised to practice and use magic as a shaman, magic that would defeat the Adversary. However, Forge turned his back on his people and enlisted in the military, eventually finding his way to work as a defense contractor for the government. When the Adversary finally came to blows for our reality, the the world. Adversary outside our kingdom. This happened in Strange X-Men #225-227, by the way, and it’s a very good story.

    What does this mean for our X-Men in 1997? Um… that probably doesn’t mean anything good!


    This episode includes a flashback to season 1 X-Men episode “Slave Island”, where Jubilee was held captive on Genosha with Storm and Gambit. And like that episode, “Motendo/Lifedeath” includes a moment where Storm is locked in a confined space, thus triggering her claustrophobia (a cell in “Slave Island” and the machine that gives energy to Forge in “Lifedeath”) .

    The Motendo cartridge that Jubilee finds in her non-a-Sega features artwork that mixes art from the 1993. X-Men Sega Genesis game and 1994 X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse game for Super Nintendo.

    X-Men 97 video game
    Photo: Disney+
    90s X-Men games
    Photos: Séga/Nintendo

    The player selection screen for the Motendo game “Rise of Jubilee” includes Jubilee, Colossus, Roberto, Magik, Longshot and Cable.

    Photo: Disney+

    And finally, after learning the episode’s lesson, Jubilee says, “Magneto was right.” » It’s a phrase that has been used quite frequently since Quentin Quire wore it on a t-shirt in a 2003 issue of New X-Men.

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