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Would-be attacker stabbed after ambushing New York couple: video

A man’s planned ambush of a couple walking on a Queens street backfired Wednesday when the two men reversed the attack, leaving him with multiple stab wounds, police said.

The 37-year-old attacker snuck up behind the duo as they were walking with a young dog near 49th and Broadway in Woodside around 2:45 p.m., according to the New York Police Department.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect throwing his coat on the ground before lunging at the other man who, due to a foot injury, was riding a scooter alongside the woman who was holding the puppy.

The attacker snuck up behind the couple as they walked down the street, video shows.
The roles quickly reversed and the couple began beating the man who had lunged at them.
The 37-year-old man went to the hospital with several stab wounds all over his body, New York police said. Pierre Gerber

The element of surprise, however, did not work in favor of the attacker, who quickly found himself in a headlock, as the video shows.

The alleged victim – wearing a medical boot on her right foot – knocked her attacker to the ground and began punching him, a mission the woman quickly joined in on.

The attacker desperately tried to escape, but the pair continued to hit their would-be attacker, dragging the dog away while pushing and kicking it.

The trio eventually broke up, but continued to yell at each other, seemingly ready to get into fisticuffs again.

Sources say cops are looking for two perpetrators. Pierre Gerber

The victim took several steps back toward the security camera, showing a shocking bloody wound near the top of his head.

It was then that several passers-by – who seemed indifferent during the fight – stood between the couple and the man.

The initial attacker was taken to Elmhurst Hospital with multiple stab wounds all over his body, the New York Police Department said. He is in stable condition.

No arrests have been made in the case, but sources said police were looking for two perpetrators.

New York Post

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