world news Driver Purposely Drove Bus Into China Reservoir, Killing 21, Police Say

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A bus crash in southwest China last week that killed 21 people and injured 15 others was caused by the driver, who deliberately steered into a reservoir because he was angry at the demolition of his home, the police have said.

The crash on Tuesday, which also killed the driver, drew an outpouring of grief; some of the passengers included students traveling to take China’s notoriously difficult college entrance exam.

The police in Anshun, a city in Guizhou Province, said in a statement on Sunday that the 52-year-old driver, identified only by his last name, Zhang, had been aggrieved over the demolition of his home that morning. The driver crashed the passenger bus, the police said, to send a message.

“Due to his dissatisfaction with his life’s circumstances and the demolition of rented public housing and in order to cause a stir, he has committed extreme crimes that endanger public safety,” the police report said.

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