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Woman sues after being scalded by dunkin ‘cafe



The woman’s lawsuit also alleges that Dunkin employees laughed and mocked her during the incident.

David L. Ryan / Globe staff, dossier

Going to Dunkin ‘Donuts is a routine experience for coffee and donut lovers all over New England.

But a woman’s visit quickly deteriorated in June of last year, when she said her coffee Dunkin spilled in her lap, burning her legs and buttocks, as she performed drive-thru in Brockton. And as she screamed, jumped out of the vehicle and ripped off her leggings, the cafe workers were pointing and laughing, she said.

Now she is filing a complaint.

The company that operates the Dunkin ‘at 43 Torrey Street in Brockton is owned by Cadete Enterprises Inc., a company located in Pembroke.

In the lawsuit, filed in Plymouth Superior Court last Wednesday, the woman demands that the company “compensate her for her losses to be proven at trial, and any other just and appropriate relief,” according to the document, shared online by The great book of patriots.

Neither the plaintiff’s lawyer, nor a representative of Cadete Enterprises, returned requests for comment at the time of publication.

In the evening incident of June 22, 2020, the woman was in the passenger seat of her sister’s vehicle, and the two ordered three hot coffees. The coffees were handed over to the woman’s sister in a tray.

“The Dunkin ‘Donuts employee negligently failed to cap the coffees properly or place them firmly in the tray, and as the tray was brought into the car, the coffees came loose and spilled their hot contents onto the tray. complainant, which scalded him. his legs and buttocks, ”says the trial.

“Screaming in pain, the complainant was forced to rip off her leggings in the parking lot, exposing herself to Dunkin ‘Donuts employees,” the lawsuit said. “Seeing this, the employees were pointing fingers, laughing and making fun of the complainant. So, not only was she burned and suffered due to employee negligence, but she suffered the indignity and extreme embarrassment of being mocked. [at] and mocked, while in a vulnerable and exposed state.

The lawsuit says the woman “suffered severe burns to her legs and buttocks” and also suffered nerve damage. There was also a mole on her buttocks that “caused significant pain and discomfort”; she had to undergo surgery to remove it. She now has scars, according to the lawsuit, and could undergo plastic surgery to treat them.

The lawsuit alleges the negligence of Dunkin ‘staff for not placing the coffees correctly in the tray or putting the caps correctly. He also alleges “negligently inflicting emotional distress” because the woman had to remove her leggings in the parking lot and staff allegedly laughed at her and made fun of her.

“The complainant’s emotional distress was evidenced by physical damage manifested by objective symptomatology, including, but not limited to: sleep disturbances and crying attacks,” the document said.

The lawsuit also alleges that the emotional distress caused was intentional, calling the actions of the staff “extreme and outrageous, beyond all possible bounds of decency and utterly intolerable in a civilized community”, and that they should have known that the way they acted “probably would have caused [the plaintiff] suffer from emotional distress.