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Woman shot in the chest during Chicago carjacking shares her story – NBC Chicago

A woman says she feels lucky to be alive, but will always carry the physical and emotional scars of being shot during an attempted carjacking in Chicago’s West Garfield Park neighborhood on Wednesday Morning.

Chicago police say Lequita Sims, 40, was one of two people shot during the attack in the first block of North Kostner shortly before 5 a.m. Wednesday.

“I was just scared for my life,” she said. “I thought I was dead at that point.”

Police say Sims and a 65-year-old man were inside a vehicle when four armed men got out of a silver SUV and approached them.

The man Sims was with pulled out a gun and shot the attackers. One of the suspects returned fire, hitting Sims in the chest and the 65-year-old man in the right calf.

The suspects then fled the scene and Sims was rushed to the hospital.

The bullet is still in his chest, with doctors telling him it would be extremely dangerous to remove it.

“I was trying to raise my arm. I saw blood running down my arm,” she said.

Sims told NBC Chicago that she was being driven to work by a co-worker when the violent attack occurred.

“I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ What is going on?’ And that’s when they started shooting,” she said.

She says the experience has changed her forever and she is afraid to return home to the West Side, preferring to stay with her mother in the Lombardy suburbs.

“I suffer every day,” she said. “I have flashbacks. They took my life. »

The shooting suspects are also wanted in a host of other violent armed robberies in recent days, more than a dozen in total, according to a Chicago police alert.

No arrests have been made and the family’s pastor is demanding justice.

“There are terrorists in our neighborhoods,” Terrell Stevens said. “You know who they are. They look like you. They have your last name. They look like you, they dress like you. It’s time for you to report someone.

NBC Chicago

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