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Wisconsin college shooter ‘neutralized,’ officials report, with no injuries to anyone inside

Wisconsin college reports ‘active shooter’ and building is on lockdown

Wisconsin college reports ‘active shooter’ and building is on lockdown


MOUNT HOREB, ​​Wisconsin — School officials say an active shooter was “neutralized” at a middle school west of Madison, Wis., Wednesday morning, with no injuries reported among those inside from school. However, the event shook the small community.

The Mount Horeb Area School District said the shooter “did not breach the entrance” to the middle school and that there were “no reports of anyone injured other than the alleged attacker.

Witnesses described hearing gunshots and seeing dozens of children running.

“There was just a group of police officers who kept banging on the door and making sure it was barricaded, and our (substitute teacher) that we had was ready at the door,” one witness said at CBS News. “We’re all sitting there crying and texting our parents.”

More than a dozen law enforcement vehicles were on scene, including SWAT-style trucks with flashing emergency lights. First responders surrounding a stretcher on the sidewalk were also visible.

The district said the initial search of the school “did not reveal any additional suspects.”

The district had begun releasing some students from other schools by early afternoon, and anxious parents gathered at a bus depot waiting to be reunited with their children.

Max Kelly, 12, said his teacher told the class to leave the school. He said they skated to a street, ditched their rollerblades and ran to a nearby convenience store and gas station and hid in a bathroom.

Kelly reunited with his parents and sat on the hillside with them early Wednesday afternoon, waiting for his younger siblings to be released from their own schools. He was still wearing socks, his shoes left behind.

“I don’t think any place is safe anymore,” said his mother, Alison Kelly, 32.

Shannon Hurd, 44, and her estranged husband, Nathian Hurd, 39, were sitting in a car waiting for their 13-year-old son, Noah, who was still in middle school lockdown.

Shannon Hurd said she was alerted to the incident by a text message from Noah saying he loved her. She said she almost fell down the stairs while running to get to school.

“I just want my child,” she said. “They’re supposed to be safe at school, on Mount Horeb anyway.”

Schools across the country have been looking for ways to prevent mass shootings within their walls, from physical security measures to active shooter response drills to technology including maps detailed digital data. Many also rely on teachers and administrators working to detect early signs of mental health issues.

Mount Horeb is about 25 miles west of Madison.


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