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Winning tickets announced for Montana Millionaire

GREAT FALLS — On Tuesday, December 26, 2023, the Montana Lottery announced the three grand prize winning tickets for its annual Montana Millionaire Raffle.

The three tickets worth one million dollars each are:

The Montana Lottery has not yet announced where the winning tickets were sold; We will update this article when we have the information.

The three tickets were drawn from among the 380,000 eligible tickets purchased on November 1 at a price of $20 each.

In addition to the three grand prizes, Montana Millionaire also brought home winners of smaller amounts. There were a total of 4,100 “instant” tickets worth $100 or $500 each.

There were also two “early bird” designs. The first was worth $25,000 and was announced on November 24. It was ticket #172886 and was sold at the Albertsons store on Grand Avenue in Billings.

The second was worth $100,000 and was announced on December 15. It was ticket #274028 and was sold at the Albertsons store on Third Street NW in Great Falls.

Previous $1 million winners include three from Butte, two from Great Falls, four from Billings, two from Columbia Falls and one each from Winnett, East Helena and Laurel.

The Montana Lottery has provided answers to several frequently asked questions:

Why don’t you limit Montana Millionaire to Montana residents only?
The Montana Lottery is open to anyone of legal age, whether resident or visitor. Limiting the sale of a product to certain people while excluding others constitutes discrimination. It would also be contrary to our mission and place an undue burden on our retailers.

Why don’t you limit the number of Montana Millionaire tickets someone can buy?
The mission of the Montana Lottery is to maximize revenue for the State of Montana. Our profits fund the Montana STEM/Healthcare Scholarship Program and contribute to the general fund. Limiting sales of our products would contradict our mission and have a less positive impact on Montana residents.

Why don’t you offer Montana Millionaire or another raffle game more than once a year?
The Montana Lottery has a wide selection of games available every day of the year. We think Montana Millionaire is special and successful because it is exclusive. Although it is not impossible that we will introduce other raffle games in the future, we have currently made this strategic business decision based on detailed market research and analysis.

(NOVEMBER 1, 2023) Tickets for Montana Millionaire went on sale at 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday, November 1, 2023 – and all 380,000 were sold by 10:30 a.m., just five hours later. This equates to approximately 76,000 tickets sold per hour, or 1,267 tickets per minute. Last year there were 280,000 tickets and they sold out in 29 hours.

For 2023, there are three grand prizes of $1,000,000. There will be two Early Bird awards this year; one of $25,000 drawn on Friday, November 24; and one of $100,000 drawn on Friday, December 15.

There will be a total of 4,100 “instant” tickets worth $100 or $500 each. The big three million dollar draw will take place on Tuesday, December 26.

Montana Millionaire tickets sell out in 5 hours

Montana Lottery Director Scott Sales said public feedback was a big factor in determining how to proceed this year: “Montanans sent a clear message: They love Montana Millionaire and want every opportunity to play. Incremental change wouldn’t be enough, which is why we went all-in with the biggest ticket increase we’ve ever had, plus an additional grand prize of $1 million.

Both grand prize tickets from last year were sold in Great Falls and Butte. Previous Montana Millionaire Grand Prize Winners:

  • 2020: Megan Thorstenson, Butte
  • 2019: Casey Petero, Columbia Falls
  • 2018: Richard May, Billings
  • 2017: Amy Lambert, Butte
  • 2016: Daniel Thompson, Great Falls
  • 2015: Jack Barisich, Winnett
  • 2014: Jeffrey Fallang, Helena East
  • 2013: Russell Miller, Columbia Falls
  • 2012: Sam Polesky, Laurel
  • 2011: Vern and Mara Wallace, Billing
  • 2010: William Morse, Billings
  • 2009: Dana Delguerra, Great Falls
  • 2008: Mike and Carole McGivern, Butte
  • 2007: Gary and BJ Klipstein, Billings

Due to a change in law, the Montana Lottery is no longer permitted to release the names of Montana Millionaire winners unless they have given consent.

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