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Wife Waits a Full Year to Get Back at Husband for Selfish Christmas Present, Infuriating Him

There’s no denying that it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right gift for someone. Between budgets, tastes and needs, it is sometimes better to err on the side of safety. But some people are so terrible at gift giving that what they spend money on tends to feel more like an insult.

A woman took revenge on her husband after he “gave” her something that only he wanted and needed. She planned and waited 52 weeks, the embodiment of “revenge is a dish best served cold,” before teaching him a lesson the next winter. We contacted Popular-Jaguar-3803 who wrote the story to find out more.

Buying gifts doesn’t come naturally to everyone

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But one woman decided to teach her husband a lesson after he gave her a particularly selfish gift.

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Image credits: Popular-Jaguar-3803

Image credits: Nicole Michalou (not the actual photo)

Bored Panda contacted Popular-Jaguar-3803 who wrote the story and she was kind enough to answer some of our questions. Since the story happened a while ago and it seems like family members still reference it, we were curious if this particular event had become some sort of family joke.

“For some of us, it was a joke. My husband also forgot that I also gave him hydraulic jacks. All he remembered was toilet paper,” she shared with Bored Panda. This sounds like a classic case of selective memory, in which a person focuses only on particular events that confirm their biases while ignoring others.

However, this particular gift must have been the final straw. “He was always bad with gifts or anything. All he thought about was what he would want. And he wanted this ShopVac. It really wasn’t easy to use around the house. I could have swept the whole house twice with time to spare, and then vacuumed the whole house once,” she shared with Bored Panda.

Image credits: Nicole Michalou (not the actual photo)

“We had been married for 18 years by then and I was always giving gifts based on what the other person would want. I think some people fail to give gifts because they are clueless and/or self-centered. In fact, he was both. He just never thought about what I would appreciate or love.

This is important because being bad at gift selection is forgivable. After all, it’s difficult for some people to choose, there may be logistical issues, or someone simply has trouble coming up with something unique. However, when the recipient is your wife, and not a third cousin you’ve met twice, these arguments disappear.

It seems that Popular-Jaguar-3803 seems to know this and has even taken proactive steps to contain the difficulties this might otherwise cause. “I also bought gifts for our children and put his name on them. Let them think he made an effort,” she shared. It’s a shame she had to go to all this extra effort, but it’s better to at least let the kids enjoy Christmas.

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She also shared other examples of her husband really not understanding. “One year we planned to go Christmas shopping together for the kids. He demanded we go to Sears first. We went there and he headed to the tool department and bought a set of tools he needed. After that, he demanded to go home, because he was done. I hid so many things from the children that I didn’t want them to become like him.

“And besides, what counts is not the amount spent, it’s the thought. My youngest son buys me heart necklaces with his birthstone on them. I know he spent about $15, and I’m completely using it up. I love them so much and they are my favorite jewelry, even over my diamond necklaces. He’s 16 now,” she added. Readers, take note of what a thoughtful gift really looks like.

Finally, since her story received many comments and upvotes, we wanted to know if she had any final thoughts on the matter. “As for my story being popular, I think it’s cool. But if I can stop someone from being rash, the story was worth it. So maybe do your best not to be like that husband every time you buy gifts.

Readers shared their thoughts on OP’s revenge

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