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Why Zendaya Couldn’t Be Prouder of Boyfriend Tom Holland

Zendaya is delighted with her boyfriend’s wonderful talent.

THE Euphoria the star explained how she plans to support Tom Hollandthe last career venture of: a theatrical production of Romeo and Juliet in London in May.

In fact, she admits she “couldn’t be more proud,” in an interview with Vogue posted on April 9, adding: “I’m going to try to see as many shows as possible.”

The 27-year-old knows Tom, also 27, is going to kill him, especially since he started performing on stage in the West End, where he starred in Billy Elliot the musical before scoring his role in Marvel.

While praising the actor, Zendaya couldn’t help but reflect on how filming Spider-Man: Homecoming propelled him to fame and how she was there to see it.

“One day you’re a kid and you’re at the pub with your friends, and the next day you’re Spider-Man,” she explained. “I really saw his life change in front of him, but he handled it really well.”


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