Why Trump’s Claim About Biden Doing Drugs For CNN Debate Isn’t Exaggerated

Former President Trump claimed President Biden would be “pumped up” with drugs to enhance his performance in Thursday’s debate, including getting “a big bullet in the ass.”

His claims have been dismissed by some segments of the media as campaign bluster, but private doctors of the rich and famous tell the Post that VIPs often use drug cocktails and other treatments to give themselves an advantage before being in the spotlight during a big event.

These can include everything from peptide infusion to improve brain function, Botox to prevent sweaty brows, Adderall for better focus — and yes, sometimes even a shot in the butt.

Former President Trump and President Biden will meet Thursday in the first debate of the 2024 election season. AFP via Getty Images

“Graduate students, medical students, people who work in banking or finance, Wall Street types, real estate moguls,” said Victoria Corabi, nurse practitioner and founding partner of Beauty Aesthetics in New York, at the Post.

“They just need that energy and not the side effects of caffeine and illegal drugs.”

Biden, 81, and Trump, 78, are both competing to become the oldest person ever to be elected president. When they enter the debate Thursday night, voters will scrutinize the candidates for any signs of weakness or cognitive decline.

Modern medicine can do amazing things to improve performance in pressured environments. Here’s what a presidential candidate looking for a boost might take before a big night like CNN’s first presidential debate.

Cognitive-enhancing treatments like peptides, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) therapy, and vitamin B12 injections are typically administered intravenously. REDPIXEL –

Peptides for greater clarity

Corabi said VIP clients who need to be at their mental best often seek out treatments such as peptide infusions.

Peptides are small chains of amino acids naturally found in the body, with each type playing a different role in various biological functions such as muscle growth, digestion, hormone production and tissue repair.

There are also peptides that support cognitive function.

“These things have been proven to have the side effect of calming the mind and giving more clarity when someone speaks, they find their words more easily, this is what our customers tell us again and again” , Corabi said.

Peptides are often given by IV infusion.

NAD Therapy for Anxiety

Another favorite treatment among the powerful and well-heeled is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) therapy, known to relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

NADs are coenzymes naturally found in our bodies and our cells would be unable to generate the energy they need to function without them.

“NADs act on your cells at a basic level and can really impact your brain cells, your personality and your cognitive areas. People who have been taking high doses of ADHD or anxiety medications find they can put them aside and end up feeling much better,” Corabi said.

Trump said Biden would be “pumped up” for Thursday’s debate. Getty Images

As for the effect these treatments – usually administered intravenously – would have on a few 80-year-old politicians?

“The hope would be that it would help them feel more naturally calm and express themselves more clearly,” Corabi surmised.

Botox for sweat

In the age of 100-inch 4K televisions, candidates’ physical appearance during debates will also be a subject of consternation for their respective teams.

Too much sweat under bright studio lighting could reveal nervousness or weakness (as Richard Nixon learned the hard way in 1960.) But modern medicine has found a way to treat excessive sweating: Botox .

Adderall, a powerful medication to treat ADHD, can “improve listening skills, help someone pay attention and appear more alert, attentive and less sleepy,” says Dr. Howard Sobel of Lenox Hill Hospital. Alex DiStasi –

“You can use Botox for sweating a week before – you also inject them around the hands, feet, forehead to decrease the amount of sweating when you’re under hot lights, Dr. Howard Sobel, dermatologic surgeon in Lenox.” Hill Hospital told the Post.

“You saw what happened to Giuliani,” he said, referring to the former New York mayor’s infamous press conference in November 2020, during which his profuse sweating caused a dark streak of what was thought to be hair dye on his cheek.

Vitamin B12 injections for energy

Other last-minute boosts include “vitamin B infusions, which can improve healthy brain function and also increase energy.”

The doctor says about the drops: “It’s a quick remedy, you can do it the day before and people mix it with other vitamins. »

Vitamin B12 injections, often administered into the back or upper thigh, also offer a range of potential benefits to candidates, from increasing energy levels to fighting fatigue and by improving concentration.

Biden has been criticized for numerous public gaffes throughout his presidency. Getty Images

Adderall to get your attention

There’s also the popular ADHD drug Adderall — long abused by students during all-night study sessions in college dorms — which Trump specifically named in his speculation about Biden’s debate prep regimen.

“What does it do? Improves listening skills, helps someone pay attention and appear more alert, attentive and less sleepy,” Sobel said, noting that the pills take effect within 30 minutes and last approximately seven hours.

Provigil to combat drowsiness

Another prescription drug, Provigil, “decreases excessive sleepiness,” Sobel added

Let’s be clear: none of these treatments are illegal. And no medical professional provided any form of care to Biden or Trump.

However, should either politician be looking for a helping hand to withstand the rigors of what is sure to be a bruising rematch, there are a veritable apothecary’s worth of options at their disposal.

Additional reporting by Hannah Fierick

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