Why Kathryn Hahn’s children were ‘so embarrassed’ by her Marvel role

Warning: “WandaVision” spoilers below!

Apparently, playing a witch isn’t always as magical as you might think.

During the last two episodes of “WandaVision”, Kathryn Hahn’s character “Agnes” has been revealed as Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch from the Marvel comics and the villain of the series.

But it looks like Hahn had to conquer her own villains: Her kids weren’t at all impressed to see her prepare for the role, she said on Tuesday during an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” . (See above, at 5.30 p.m.)

“When I was practicing my moves for this particular show, I mean my kids came in and saw me workout, and it was like they saw me come out of the shower. They were literally like, ‘Oh, my God. Mom!’ Like I was practicing my witch moves, and they were so embarrassed, ”she said. “I’m so glad that now they’re strangely a little nicer to me.” So I know it landed a little cooler than I thought.

Meyers said it must have been difficult to get on set after teenagers disapprove of his performance.

“It definitely gives you a lot of confidence,” Hahn joked.

To her kids’ credit, however, they’ve helped her teach her what’s really going on in the MCU – which is no small task.

“It was a bit of a salad of words going in there, I couldn’t remember who was who and what was what, so they were – my son in particular – was like a huge, huge help,” a- she declared.

Hahn’s magical counterpart on the show, Elizabeth Olsen, has previously spoken about some teasing she’s also received for all of her elaborate, wizarding hand gestures. In her case, it was other Avengers, not teenagers, having jokes.

Still, Hahn and Olsen play two of Marvel’s most powerful characters, and they star in a show that continues to reach new levels of popularity. So who’s laughing now?


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