Why Emma Stone Wants to Drop Her Stage Name

Emma Pierre I would love to have a new name in the Star City.

THE Poor things actress, whose real name is Emily Jean Stonerecently explained that although she had to take the name “Emma” when she joined the Screen Actors Guild, she would really like to be called Emily again.

“That would be so nice,” she said. The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published on April 24. “I wish I was Emily.”

Emma explained that she had to take the name “Emma Stone” when getting her SAG card because there was already another actress with the name “Emily Stone” registered with the union.

But maybe it’s not just a dream, because there are already people in Hollywood who call him by his real name.

“When I know them, the people I work with do it,” she said. “I panicked a few years ago. For some reason I thought, ‘I can’t do this anymore. Just call me Emily.”


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