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Why Brian Kelley’s “Sunshine State of Mind” is more than a summer vibe

When it’s time to sail to Florida, Brian kelley can’t help but shine.

Whether he’s riding an e-bike with friends on state park trails or grilling on a boat drifting in the handle, the Florida Georgia Line The member immediately fell in love with his second home outside of Nashville.

“This area is super special to me and it’s home to me and my wife Brittney kelley and we’re just super thankful, ”Brian shared in an exclusive interview with E! News.“ He’s our host. It is our light that guides us. “

So, it might come as no surprise that when COVID-19 took a break from touring and live performances, Brian traveled to Florida where he was inspired to create his first solo album titled Sunny state of mind.

According to Brian, the project is “authentic and super intentional” with many pieces perfect for whatever summer vacation you find yourself in. “There are little messages throughout these songs,” he teased. “Whether you’re stuck in an office somewhere in the Midwest or stuck in the snow, you can have that sunny state of mind.”

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