Why All the Shouting About Google?

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You may have seen (or ignored) a gazillion articles about the U.S. government preparing to sue Google for possibly being an illegal monopoly.

This is going to get weird. So here’s what you need to know about this tussle, and why normal humans should care.

What the government wants to know. The central question is: Does Google cheat to get a leg up over competitors, and if so, does that hurt all of us? Simple but hard to answer.

Phil Ryan from the Wirecutter, a product recommendation site owned by The Times, has this advice:

Our standard advice for photo storage is to use either Apple Photos or Google Photos. Since you’re an iPhone owner, we’d suggest going with Apple.

Both services have some level of automation that helps when making albums, and you’ll be able to access the photos on your iPhone once you’ve got them organized.

Make sure to fill in the metadata — information such as the date the photo was taken, or the location or people in the photo — so you can take advantage of automated sorting and view by date or other info.

To edit the metadata in Apple Photos on your computer, select a photo or multiple photos and click the “i” (for information) in the upper right of the window. You can then enter a description, keywords or location information.

You’ll also want to check how much iCloud storage you have because you may need to choose a higher capacity plan.

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