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Where Rachel Nance Stands on The Bachelor with Joey Grazadei

Rachel Nance wish Joey Graziadei And Kelsey Anderson all the roses.

Months after saying goodbye to The single person star, the season 28 contestant shared insight into her current dynamic with Joey and Kelsey, who the tennis pro proposed to in the season finale, and why she supports them as a couple.

“We’re so cool,” Rachel exclusively told E! News on May 7 during Levi’s AAPI Heritage Month celebration. “We hung out at Stagecoach. We had a great time.”

As for Joey and Kelsey, she exclaimed, “I love them, they are so happy and I wish them the best.”

During his trip on the Bachelor didn’t end with a proposal, Rachel, who said she received racist messages during the Women Tell All special in March, came away with a better understanding of how the experience affected her mental health .

“I’m feeling better. It was pretty tough immediately after the show, but I was able to go home and visit my family,” the Honolulu native explained. “I’m still a nurse. I’m still doing my best to balance the life I live now after the show and with my regular job, but you’ll see more of me.”


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