‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Pulled Off An Iconic April Fools’ Day Prank With The Help Of Jared Leto

Wheel of Fortune had a trick up their sleeve for April Fool’s Day on Monday evening (April 1). Those who watched last night’s episode may have been surprised to see a face other than Pat Sajak’s alongside Vanna White at the beginning of the episode.

“Ladies and gentlemen, meet the stars of our show: Jared Leto and Vanna White!” the announcer exclaimed.

THE Suicide squad star, dressed in a suit and tie, then escorted White onto the stage. After both greeting the audience and thanking them for the applause, Leto wished White a “great show” and took his seat behind the wheel.

“Alright everyone, grab these devices, it’s time to donate some money,” he asked contestants Kylee, Chris and Alicia. “A thousand dollars in our first drawing, the category is “On the Map”. »

Viewers were left upset when Sajak suddenly returned to his usual position to direct the remainder of the match. Some took to social media to express their surprise and make sure their eyes weren’t deceiving them.

“Did anyone else see @JaredLeto hanging out with @TheVannaWhite but then Pat Sajak showed up to solve the first puzzle?” A request on X. “(Am) I losing it?”

Another replied ” and echoed their confusion, explaining that “the only reason[they are]on X is to check out this very thing.” »

“Maybe I’m not going crazy!” they added.

A fan felicity the show for their “pretty April Fool’s joke”, while others were initially left “so confused.”

Even though viewers were unaware of the prank during the broadcast, Wheel of FortuneInstagram’s Instagram clarified that it was indeed an April Fool’s joke by sharing a video of the moment on Instagram.

“Did you notice anything different about tonight’s show?!” » said the legend. “#AprilFools @JaredLeto”

Leto previously teamed up with the beloved game show when he and his brother Shannon announced their band Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Seasons’ world tour last November with the help of Wheel of Fortuneby Weekly Entertainment.

He shared the show’s post on his Instagram Story, captioning it: “How did I do it?” 🤣”

Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights at 7:30/6:30. Check their website for local listings.

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