What’s Going on With the Men in ‘AHS Delicate’?

Mothers have mothers on leave! Do these words mean nothing to you? Honestly, it’s okay.

That of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk American Horror Story: Delicate is back for the second half of its eventful season after a brief hiatus. From the start, the season made one thing very clear: Men are not shit.

With Halley Feiffer as showrunner and the novel by Danielle Valentine Delicate condition as a source of inspiration, Delicate marked some firsts in anthology horror series history.

The current season follows rising actress Anna Victoria Alcott (Emma Roberts) as strange events occur during her pregnancy.

Episode 6, “Opening Night”, begins with a flashback to Anna’s parents. The scene shows the first-time mother, played by Grace Gummer, lacking the support of her husband. He complains about the lullaby she sings while she rocks their baby to sleep, then comments on her hygiene. During a sleepless night, the husband scolds his wife for coughing and jumps into their bed. Shortly after, he found her dead of a pulmonary embolism.

As the episode continues, Anna’s husband Dex (Matt Czuchry) – already established as a creep – begins a heated conversation with his father about his mother. Then publicist Siobhan (Kim Kardashian) argues with Hamish, the director of Anna’s film. The Authorabout their arrangement which involves Siobhan pulling strings to get Anna cast.

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Messy, messy, messy! And Internet users noticed it. “Daddy’s trash can Dex, Dex’s trash can, Anna’s daddy trash can, Dr. Hill’s trash can. What’s going on with men? wrote a viewer on Twitter.

“This season so far has shown me that straight white men are insanely cruel and dismissive to the women who literally carried their children,” tweeted another. The same spectator theorized that Anna is attracted to Dex because he is “just as indifferent and dismissive” as her father.

A third rang with an epic critique towards Dex’s father: “Well, Dex’s father has been on screen for less than a minute and I already hate him.”

Siobhan sums up the theme of the season well in her confrontation with Hamish. The publicist remains unmoved when Hamish burns the film script out of guilt for not having written it. She asks him, “Is this supposed to be dramatically compelling?” The director continues his monologue and calls his success a “lie”, to which Siobhan responds: “Like any other mediocre white man.”

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Zinger! Shortly after, Hamish gets on Siobhan’s bad side when he threatens to tell his story to the press and he ends up dead. Was Siobhan at the crime scene? We suspect so, although nothing has been confirmed. Perhaps this should serve as a warning sign to any man who tries to antagonize Siobhan – or any other powerful woman.

American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2 airs Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. on FX and streams the next day on Hulu.

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