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What Travis Kelce Said to Andy Reid During Super Bowl 2024 Blast: Lip Readers

Travis Kelce joked that he was telling Andy Reid how much he loved him.

Reid joked about how their outburst on the sideline Sunday during the 2024 Super Bowl captured his lack of balance.

But the Chiefs star dropped an f-bomb on his head coach, according to lip reader Jeremy Freeman, who told the Post that Kelce’s message to Reid was: “Hey, come on, you asshole, put me on.” »

Another lip reader told the Daily Mail that Kelce shouted: “Keep me inside.” I’m calm now!

In the second quarter of the Chiefs’ 25-22 overtime victory, Kelce approached Reid on the sideline, yelled and even bumped his head coach.

The Chiefs had just lost possession in the red zone, with running back Isiah Pacheco pushing the ball away, and Kelce was apparently frustrated at not being on the field for that snap, according to the CBS broadcast.

While both are sparse in terms of details, NFL Films will have mic coverage coming from the game that emerges this week and this sideline interaction would be an ideal candidate to highlight if the league desires.

Travis Kelce yells at Andy Reid during the 2024 Super Bowl on Sunday. Getty Images

“Did you guys see that?” Kelce said. “I’m going to keep this between us unless my mic tells the world. I was just telling him how much I loved him.

Kelce and Reid hugged, with The Athletic also reporting that Reid “patted” Kelce on the back later in the quarter, and Kelce – who had just one catch for 1 yard in the first half – ended up playing a key role on the Chiefs. ‘ second consecutive Super Bowl title and third in the last five years.

What we covered during the 2024 Super Bowl

He finished with nine catches for 93 yards, including 38 on Kansas City’s tying game late in regulation and the game-winning possession in overtime.

“It came out of nowhere,” Reid told NBC Sports after the game about their sideline situation. “But it’s him. He’s so tense. He said, “Don’t count me out!” I’m doing well! I can do it!’ I love this intensity. It shines. »

Andy Reid and Travis Kelce on the Chiefs sideline during the 2024 Super Bowl.
Andy Reid and Travis Kelce on the Chiefs sideline during the 2024 Super Bowl. Getty Images

Kelce’s frustration showed up at other times during a 2023 season where the Chiefs offense struggled, including during a Christmas Day game against the Raiders when he slammed his helmet on the key.

But before the Super Bowl, Andy Reid gave a glowing response about how Kelce had learned to contain his “temper” since joining the Chiefs in 2013 – the same year Reid was hired as head coach.

“The player has always been very good,” Reid told CBS in the pre-match interview. “Now he had character, so on the pitch he would go off and do crazy things. It was a challenge at first, but it grew before our eyes. He always had that heart, that tender heart, but he just had to get away from other things.

Kelce and Reid have both said they plan to return in 2024, which will keep integral parts of their core intact, both players and staff, as the Chiefs seek a third straight title. — With PA

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