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The 2021 NFL Draft concludes on Saturday with the final four rounds taking place on the third and final day of action.

As with the previous two days of coverage, ESPN and the NFL Network will air coverage of the draft; ABC, however, will not have its own dedicated broadcast, instead simulcasting from ESPN. Coverage begins at noon ET.

As has been the case for the first two days of the 2020 NFL Draft, Saturday’s presentation of Rounds 4-7 will broadcast live on ABC, ESPN and NFL Network. Teams will have five minutes to make their selections in Rounds 4-6, followed by four minutes for the seventh round.

Here’s everything you need to know about Day 3 of this year’s NFL Draft, including live stream info.

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What time does the NFL Draft start today?

  • Date: Saturday, May 1
  • Round 4 start time: Noon ET
  • TV channels: ESPN (ABC simulcast) | NFL Network
  • Live stream: ESPN app | NFL app | fuboTV |  DAZN (in Canada)

The 2021 NFL Draft concludes Saturday on ESPN and the NFL Network, with ABC simulcasting the former station. Saturday’s coverage begins at noon ET and will run through the 259th and final pick of the draft: Mr. Irrelevant.

Teams get five minutes to make selections in Rounds 4-6, followed by five minutes in Round 7. The final day of the NFL Draft should finish up by 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. ET.

Complete results | Draft grades | Winners & losers

What channel is the NFL Draft on today?

  • TV channels: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network

The 2021 NFL Draft will broadcast live on three different TV networks — ABC, ESPN and NFL Network. ESPN Deportes also will present a Spanish edition of ESPN’s broadcast.

Anybody with access to broadcast TV (even without cable) can watch the NFL Draft on ABC for free. All major cable networks carry both ESPN (Xfinity channel 49) and NFL Network (Xfinity channel 265); Spectrum, Cox or Optimum cable customers can check with their respective carriers to find their viewing area’s specific channels.

NFL Draft TV schedule

RoundDayDateStart timeTV channels
1ThursdayApril 298 p.m. ETABC, ESPN, NFL Network
2-3FridayApril 307 p.m. ETABC, ESPN, NFL Network
4-7SaturdayMay 1Noon ETESPN (ABC simulcast), NFL Network

ABC, ESPN and the NFL Network will all broadcast coverage of the 2021 NFL Draft, with ABC simulcasting ESPN’s coverage on Saturday instead of providing its own unique coverage.

NFL Draft live stream

Live TV streaming services include fuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, Sling TV and AT&T TV Now all carry at least one of the channels broadcasting the 2020 NFL Draft. Those with connected TV devices (Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku) can stream the NFL Draft with the NFL App, the ABC App or the ESPN App — with authentication with participating TV providers.

Similar options are available for those who wish to live stream the NFL Draft via mobile devices and tablets, which also includes the NFL Network App. Computer streamers can stream the draft with participating TV providers at, WatchESPN and

PlatformNFL Draft?Cable/satellite login needed?
YouTube TVYesNo
Hulu + Live TVYesNo
Sling TVYesNo
AT&T TV NowYesNo
AT&T Watch TVNo
Xbox (NFL/ABC/ESPN Apps)YesYes
PlayStation (NFL/ABC/ESPN Apps)YesYes
Amazon Fire TV (NFL/ABC/ESPN Apps)YesYes
Android TV (NFL/ABC/ESPN Apps)YesYes
Apple TV (NFL/ABC/ESPN Apps)YesYes
Roku (NFL/ABC/ESPN Apps)YesYes
Mobile devices/tablets (NFL/NFLN/ABC/ESPN Apps)YesYes
Computers (,,

In Canada, the NFL Draft can be streamed live on DAZN, which includes NFL Network coverage and offers a free trial period for new subscribers.

NFL Draft order: Rounds 4-7

Round 4

41106Jacksonville Jaguars
42107New York Jets
43108Atlanta Falcons
44109Houston Texans
45110Cleveland Browns from Philadelphia Eagles
46111Cincinnati Bengals
47112Detroit Lions
48113Carolina Panthers
49114Denver Broncos
410115Dallas Cowboys
411116New York Giants
412117San Francisco 49ers
413118Los Angeles Chargers
414119Minnesota Vikings
415120New England Patriots
416121Las Vegas Raiders
417122New England Patriots from Arizona Cardinals through Houston Texans
418123Philadelphia Eagles from Miami Dolphins
419124Washington Football Team
420125Minnesota Vikings from Chicago Bears
421126Tennessee Titans
422127Indianapolis Colts
423128Pittsburgh Steelers
424129Seattle Seahawks
425130Jacksonville Jaguars from Los Angeles Rams
426131Baltimore Ravens
427132Cleveland Browns
428133New Orleans Saints
429134Minnesota Vikings from Buffalo Bills (Conditional)
430135Green Bay Packers
431136Baltimore Ravens from Kansas City Chiefs
432137Tampa Bay Buccaneers
433138Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
434139New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)
435140Pittsburgh Steelers (Compensatory Selection)
436141Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)
437142Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection)
438143Minnesota Vikings (Compensatory Selection)
439144Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)

Round 5

51145Jacksonville Jaguars
52146New York Jets
53147Houston Texans
54148Atlanta Falcons
55149Cincinnati Bengals
56150Philadelphia Eagles
57151Carolina Panthers
58152Denver Broncos
59153Detroit Lions
510154New York Jets from New York Giants
511155San Francisco 49ers
512156Miami Dolphins from Philadelphia Eagles through Dallas Cowboys
513157Minnesota Vikings
514158Houston Texans from New England Patriots
515159Los Angeles Chargers
516160Arizona Cardinals
517161Buffalo Bills from Las Vegas Raiders
518162Las Vegas Raiders from Miami Dolphins
519163Washington Football Team
520164Chicago Bears
521165Indianapolis Colts
522166Tennessee Titans
523167Las Vegas Raiders from Seattle Seahawks
524168Minnesota Vikings from Pittsburgh Steelers through Baltimore Ravens
525169Cleveland Browns from Los Angeles Rams
526170Jacksonville Jaguars from Cleveland Browns
527171Baltimore Ravens
528172San Francisco 49ers from New Orleans Saints
529173Green Bay Packers
530174Buffalo Bills
531175Kansas City Chiefs
532176Tampa Bay Buccaneers
533177New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)
534178Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection)
535179Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
536180San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
537181Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)
538182Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Selection)
539183Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Selection)
540184Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Selection)

Round 6

61185Los Angeles Chargers from Jacksonville Jaguars through Tennessee Titans
62186New York Jets
63187Atlanta Falcons
64188New England Patriots from Houston Texans
65189Philadelphia Eagles
66190Cincinnati Bengals
67191Denver Broncos
68192Dallas Cowboys from Detroit Lions
69193Carolina Panthers
610194San Francisco 49ers
611195Houston Texans from Dallas Cowboys through New England Patriots
612196New York Giants
613197New England Patriots
614198Los Angeles Chargers
615199Minnesota Vikings
616200Las Vegas Raiders
617201New York Giants from Arizona Cardinals
618202Cincinnati Bengals from Miami Dolphins through Houston Texans
619203Houston Texans from Washington Football Team through Las Vegas Raiders and Miami Dolphins
620204Chicago Bears
621205Tennessee Titans
622206Indianapolis Colts
623207Kansas City Chiefs from Pittsburgh Steelers through Miami Dolphins
624208Chicago Bears from Seattle Seahawks through Miami Dolphins (Conditional)
625209Los Angeles Rams
626210Baltimore Ravens
627211Cleveland Browns
628212Houston Texans from New Orleans Saints
629213Buffalo Bills
630214Green Bay Packers
631215Tennessee Titans from Kansas City Chiefs
632216Pittsburgh Steelers from Tampa Bay Buccaneers
633217Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Compensatory Selection)
634218New Orleans Saints (Compensatory Selection)
635219Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Selection)
636220Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection)
637221Chicago Bears (Compensatory Selection)
638222Carolina Panthers (Compensatory Selection)
639223Minnesota Vikings (Compensatory Selection)
640224Philadelphia Eagles (Compensatory Selection)
641225Philadelphia Eagles (Compensatory Selection)
642226Carolina Panthers (Compensatory Selection)
643227Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
644228Chicago Bears (Compensatory Selection)

Round 7

71229New Orleans Saints from Jacksonville Jaguars
72230San Francisco from New York Jets
73231Miami Dolphins from Houston Texans
74232Tennessee Titans from Atlanta Falcons through Miami Dolphins
75233Houston Texans from Cincinnati Bengals
76234Philadelphia Eagles
77235Cincinnati Bengals from Detroit Lions through Seattle Seahawks
78236Buffalo Bills from Carolina Panthers
79237Denver Broncos
710238Dallas Cowboys
711239Denver Broncos from New York Giants
712240Philadelphia Eagles from San Francisco 49ers
713241Los Angeles Chargers
714Minnesota Vikings (Choice Forfeited)
715242New England Patriots
716243Arizona Cardinals
717244Washington Football Team from Las Vegas Raiders
718245Pittsburgh Steelers from Miami Dolphins
719246Washington Football Team
720247Arizona Cardinals from Chicago Bears through Las Vegas Raiders
721248Indianapolis Colts
722249Jacksonville Jaguars from Tennessee Titans
723250Seattle Seahawks
724251Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Pittsburgh Steelers
725252Los Angeles Rams
726253Denver Broncos from Cleveland Browns
727254Pittsburgh Steelers from Baltimore Ravens
728255New Orleans Saints
729256Green Bay Packers
730257Cleveland Browns from Buffalo Bills
731258Miami Dolphins from Kansas City Chiefs
732259Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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