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What is the latest iPad? the latest models you can buy

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Newer iPad models don’t get simple numbers like the iPhone, which makes things a lot more confusing when talking about new and old iPads. You may be wondering which is the last option between the four types of Apple tablets, for example, or how to distinguish the different generations.

With the release of the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2024 models, we’re here to introduce you to the latest iPad lineup. Currently, Apple officially sells six different tablets, listed here from newest to oldest:

Determining which iPad best suits your needs can be difficult because many features and specifications overlap. But it’s important to understand the differences, especially if you want to make sure you’re choosing the right model when considering the best iPad Pro cases, the best iPad Air cases, or the best iPad cases.

Read on for a complete overview of the latest iPads from all four current model types, and check out our guide to the best iPads for a more in-depth review.

The new iPad Pro models

AppleiPad Pro (2024)

The iPad Pro 2024 represents some of the biggest updates to the iPad Pro series with the Apple M4 processor, OLED displays, a slimmer design, and a repositioned front camera. It is available in standard 11-inch and 13-inch display options.

Apple’s most premium tablet received a major update this month with the launch of the latest 13-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro models.

Apple has introduced its new M4 processor to iPad Pros, along with a series of AI-driven improvements that make the high-end tablets more powerful and more productivity-friendly than ever before.

Apple iPad iPad Pro event

Apple’s new iPad Pros are ideal for very intensive tasks.


Dubbed Apple’s “thinnest” products yet, the iPad Pros feature slim designs with depths of 5.3mm and 5.1mm for the 11-inch and 13-inch models, respectively. Apple has introduced a new “Tandem OLED” design for the iPad Pro displays, which allows for improved brightness and clarity compared to previous LED and mini-LED displays in the Pro line.

Apple has released a new Magic Keyboard for the 2024 iPad Pro models, featuring a row of features and a larger trackpad, bringing the iPad Pro closer to a viable laptop replacement. The latest iPad Pros are compatible with the Apple Pencil USB-C and the new Apple Pencil Pro, which offers a “squeeze” sensor and gyroscope that enable a suite of new features.

Generational improvements to the iPad Pro line have led to higher prices. Where the previous iPad Pro line started at $799, the new 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $999 and the new 13-inch iPad Pro starts at $1,299.

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The new iPad Air models

AppleiPad Air (2024)

The iPad Air 2024 runs on Apple’s M2 processor introduced in select Apple computers in 2022, making it an ultra-portable powerhouse for visual creative work. It’s available in the standard 11-inch option and an all-new 13-inch model, giving you a large, powerful tablet at a significantly lower price than the 13-inch iPad Pro.

Apple launched two new iPad Airs this month: a redesign of the typical 11-inch model and a first-ever 13-inch iPad Air.

Apple upgraded iPad Air models from the M1 processor to the new M2 processor, which runs laptops like the 2022 MacBook Air and 2022 13-inch MacBook Pro, enabling smoother performance for intensive tasks compared to the previous generation Air model.

ipad air

The 13-inch iPad Air is a new form factor in Apple’s tablet lineup.


Apple has moved the front camera of the new iPad Air to landscape position, which matches the new iPad Pro models and provides a more convenient position for video calls. The latest iPad Air models work with the Apple Pencil USB-C and the new Apple Pencil Pro.

The latest 11-inch iPad Air starts at $599, the same price as the previous generation, while the new 13-inch iPad Air starts at $799.

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The latest standard iPad

AppleiPad (2022)

The 10th generation iPad features a modern Apple tablet design, a USB-C port, and a front-centered camera for better video calls. It performs basic tasks efficiently on the older A14 Bionic chip, and its recent price drop makes it an attractive budget option.

Apple last released a standard iPad in October 2022, with the 10th generation iPad.

The 10th generation iPad adopted Apple’s modern design language, with thin bezels around a larger 10.9-inch screen compared to the previous generation model. It has a USB-C port in place of Lightning, and its Touch ID sensor is integrated into the power button. Its best upgrade was repositioning its ultra-wide FaceTime camera to landscape position for a better viewing angle during video calls.

Apple iPad 10th generation with the home screen displayed.

Apple also launched a new standard iPad in fall 2022.

Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

In terms of power, the 10th generation iPad uses Apple’s A14 Bionic chip, the same processor as the iPhone 12, which can still handle basic to moderately intensive tasks. Those looking for smoother and more powerful performance should opt for the new iPad Pro or iPad Air.

The iPad 2022 supports the Apple Pencil USB-C and the first-generation Apple Pencil, although the latter requires an adapter to charge.

Following the launch of the new iPad Pro and Air models, the starting price of the 10th generation iPad has been reduced from $449 to $349. Apple also discontinued the 9th generation iPad, making the 10th generation iPad the only budget option in the current lineup.

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The latest iPad Mini

AppleiPad Mini (2021)

The 6th generation iPad Mini is a compact and portable powerhouse with its 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display and Apple’s A15 Bionic processor. That said, it’s getting old and its price hasn’t changed since its 2021 release.

The most recent iPad Mini model is the sixth generation iPad Mini, launched by Apple in September 2021.

Starting at $499, the iPad Mini 2021 is a mid-range option between the standard iPad and the new premium iPad Pro and Air models. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of portability and performance, the iPad Mini might be calling your name.

The iPad Mini 2021 held in the author's hands showing the screen on the home screen.

It’s been over two years since we last saw a new iPad Mini.

Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

The iPad Mini 2021 marked a complete overhaul compared to previous generations, with narrower bezels that resemble the iPad Air. The sixth-generation iPad Mini features a larger 8.3-inch Liquid Retina touchscreen with True Tone color technology compared to the 7.9-inch displays of previous generations. It runs basic to medium-intensive tasks without issue on Apple’s A15 Bionic processor, which runs the iPhone 13 series.

The latest iPad Mini supports the Apple Pencil USB-C and the second-generation Apple Pencil. It features a USB-C port for charging and connecting accessories, an ultra-wide FaceTime camera with Apple Center Stage, an improved 12-megapixel rear camera, and an in-button Touch ID sensor feed on the top edge.

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How to know which iPad you have

All the latest iPads look the same now that each model incorporates Apple’s modern tablet design language.

If you don’t know which iPad model you have, you can find your iPad model in the Settings app by pressing General > About. You can also search for the model number engraved on the back of the iPad.

Read our complete guide to identifying iPad generations for more details.


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