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What happened to Keith Fitzhugh, who left Jets to be a conductor?

Ten years ago, Keith Fitzhugh chose not to pursue one last chance to live out his NFL dream for a less glamorous, but more stable job. And even if he misses the game, he still feels like he made the right decision.

Emily Blunt was happy to step out of the limelight.

Her “Tonight Show” segment was over, so she moved a chair away from Jay Leno, making way for an unknown guest first introduced to Burbank Studios audiences and viewers at home. Keith Fitzhugh had been swept across the country in an unexpected whirlwind, placing former NFL security between the famous host and the Hollywood star.

Fitzhugh landed there because he sacrificed his dream. He was there because he was sacrificing money. He was there because he sacrificed a chance to play on a Super Bowl contender. He was there because he had chosen family over football.

In December 2010, the then 24-year-old Fitzhugh rejected an invitation to join Rex Ryan’s New York Jets and chose to remain a conductor with Norfolk Southern Railroad. The decision was hard for anyone to believe. It made him find new fans so easily. It pleased Blunt to take a seat back.