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Weekly horoscope: from December 31 to January 6, 2024

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New year, a new chapter in your book of life, Gemini. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will be heading into your sign this year, so get your plans ready to take off. For now, a three-month demotion into your sphere of dreams, rest, solitude and immaterial plans is finalized. Dive into the next level of your mystical journey if you are one or are curious to jump in and find out what it’s all about. If you are tempted to discharge your batteries, remember that you are in charging mode right now, get some rest, eat well, be kind to your body and conserve resources. On January 1, Mercury moves from retrograde to direct, so what rerouting or course correction are you willing to implement in terms of guidance or communication? Consider any changes in how you want to be perceived (and why), then align.

Weekly horoscope from December 31 to January 6, 2024
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As Mercury, the planet of communications, exits a three-week retrograde period and enters direct motion, what’s ready to evolve in your life, right? Particularly consider this reroute in terms of communication or transportation in your area of ​​work, well-being and daily routine. Feelings don’t always translate easily into words the way they do into moods. However, maybe it’s time to express your ideas or give voice to something that’s brewing. Mars, the planet of action, energy and affirmation, moves into your opposite sign, energizing your sphere of individual and meaningful relationships. It’s all about each other, so form a dynamic duo for victory. If you need motivation, reach out to a friend, but be sure to share the load rather than expecting them to do the legwork or, conversely, shoulder more than your fair share . Stay active in partnership to expel excess energy and assert your boundaries where appropriate. It’s a practical but feisty time with bae and besties.

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