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Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks told judge he couldn’t pay child support because he “was in jail”

This is the second in a two-part series on letters sent by Darrell Brooks Jr. during his time in Wisconsin prisons.

WAUKESHA, Wisconsin – FIRST ON FOX: Waukesha Suspect of the Christmas parade Darrell brooks Jr. disclosed details of his life, criticized the mother of one of his children, and suggested he was unable to afford the child Support because he continued to “be incarcerated” in a letter sent to a Wisconsin judge in 2011 regarding one of his paternity cases, Fox News has learned.

Brooks, 39, has sent two letters to justice officials over the past two years in connection with the child support case for one of his children. In the first letter, he asked for “one more blow” and complained that he was being treated unfairly.

The second, obtained by Fox News Digital through a file search, is longer – three pages in total – and was sent to another official, Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Pieper, asking the lawyer not to send him back to Waukesha prison.


Booking photo of Darrell Brooks, Jr. (Waukesha Sheriff’s Department)
(Waukesha Sheriff’s Department)

Brooks has three children, according to records and one person who knew him. As of Nov. 16, 2021, Brooks owed $ 41,239.36 as part of his paternity case for his son, according to records.

He sent the second letter in late August or early September 2011 – when his child support debts had exceeded $ 17,300 – from Wood County Jail to Pieper and the clerk of the courts, he said. he writes.


The letters provide a glimpse into the mind of a man currently facing six life sentences if convicted on all counts related to the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy on November 21, when he drove his brown Ford Escape SUV through the crowd of revelers. Six parade participants died.

At the time, Brooks said he had been in jail since March and was serving an 11-month sentence, but did not say why.

“I understand that I have [a] warrant in Waukesha County due to legal proceedings I attempted to attend by phone on 12/3/10, “he wrote, in neat cursive handwriting. He notes that the case concerns his son, whose name is withheld from Fox News Digital, and says the last time he appeared in court he was “given 45 days to huber”, referring to a program job search and related facility.

“Since my release I have had all kinds of personal and legal issues,” he explained.


Brooks wrote to the lawyer that he had mental health issues for which he received SSI benefits, presumably referring to the Supplemental Security Income. He had received these benefits since he was a child and “was considered disabled by the federal government,” he wrote.

“The reason my services were stopped was because I was in prison,” he continued. “My benefits were to resume in May of last year, when I could have paid my child support. This did not happen because I was incarcerated from February 31 to May 31 of last year. “

Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks told judge he couldn’t pay child support because he “was in jail”

Booking photo of Darrell Brooks, Jr. (Waukesha Sheriff’s Department)
(Waukesha Sheriff’s Department)

He added: “Whenever your (sic) incarcerated, your benefits are suspended… If your (sic) familiar with this process, he [c]it takes months or even years to recover (sic) your benefits. ”

He went on to say that the process is taking even longer for him because his business “has been started and shut down many times (sic)”.


Returning to December 3, 2010, which was the original subject of the letter, Brooks told Pieper in the letter that he was out of town to visit one of his other children, a girl, who was ill and needed kidney surgery.

“Needless to say, it was a difficult time for me and my family,” he wrote, noting that he had “absolutely no knowledge” that he was supposed to attend a hearing that day, and said he had only discovered it the morning before. he was supposed to be in court. He tried to attend by phone, he said.

Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks told judge he couldn’t pay child support because he “was in jail”

Waukesha County Jail in Waukesha, Wisconsin
(Fox News / Stéphanie Pagones)

Brooks then told the judge he returned to Wisconsin because his daughter’s surgery was delayed – “due to her mother not having insurance.” How do you have 3 children and no insurance? ” he wrote.

He said he was offered a job with his godmother and applied to attend technical college, but the two were held up due to his incarceration.

“I’m not trying to make excuses for myself, Your Honor. I understand that I have a responsibility to pay for my support,” he wrote. “I just want the court to take into account that if I can be given a few months in the street to continue to receive my benefits, my support will be paid …”

He asked the judge to consider his mental health as well.

Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks told judge he couldn’t pay child support because he “was in jail”

Darrell Brooks was accused of killing several people and injuring nearly 50 people after going through a Christmas parade in his sport utility vehicle on November 21, but the mainstream media quickly lost interest. (Photo by Jim Vondruska / Getty Images)
(Photo by Jim Vondruska / Getty Images | Wisoncin DOJ)

“Because of this I have always had a hard time finding a job because (sic) they are always afraid to touch me. The concern is still my sanity and what I can and cannot (sic) do . The fact that I’m a criminal doesn’t help your honor either. ”

Brooks wrote to the judge that it was “never my intention” not to be able to provide for his son.

“Yes, I haven’t been lucky enough to have the best hand in life, but it’s not my fault or anyone else’s. It’s life,” he said. he declares.

He added that he had grown up in a broken home in which his father “had chosen to [the] bottle on her children and couldn’t keep her hands away ”Brooks’ mother.

“I am more determined than ever to take care of my son,” he says. “I am in his life, and he is a bright, ambitious and wonderful child.”

Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks told judge he couldn’t pay child support because he “was in jail”

Darrell Brooks Jr. in court on November 23, 2021 (Mark Hoffman / Pool via REUTERS)

He asks Judge Pieper for the opportunity to “prove that I can be the man that my mother and GOD, and myself, know I can be”.

He then asks the judge to release him so that he can help provide for his family.

“My family needs my help, Your Honor,” he wrote. “If I can be released Your Honor and only give myself a few months, I know I can get things done in the right direction. I pray every day (sic) that I can be released to help my family before things fall apart. “


Pieper did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the letter.

Her son’s mother told Fox News Digital on Tuesday that she and Brooks dated for six months as a teenager. The woman, who requested that her name not be released due to concerns about her safety, said she had barely interacted with Brooks in the past two decades.

Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks told judge he couldn’t pay child support because he “was in jail”

Booking photo of Darrell Brooks Jr. in a previous criminal case (Waukesha PD)
(PD from Waukesha)

“He’s always been back and forth in prison – he hasn’t been there,” she said. “I raised my son without him.

Brooks has come and gone with her son’s life, making sporadic attempts to forge a relationship with him, she said. The teenager, who last saw Brooks a few years ago, has been ravaged by the carnage allegedly committed by his father, she said.

Court documents regarding the paternity case were filed on November 18, three days before the parade tragedy.

Brooks’ child support issues were also noted during his court appearance on November 23 in connection with the horror. During the appearance, Brooks cried and at times audibly sobbed as Court Commissioner Kevin Costello and District Attorney Susan Opper spoke, including when Opper announced that a sixth victim – the first child – had succumbed to his injuries.

The six victims are aged 8 to 81 and have been identified as Jackson Sparks, 8; Tamara Durand, 52 years old; Jane Kulich, 52; LeAnna Owen, 71; Virginie Sorenson, 79 years old; and Guillaume, 81.

“I haven’t seen anything like it in my very long career,” Costello said at the time.

Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks told judge he couldn’t pay child support because he “was in jail”

Six victims were killed in the attack on the Waukesha parade.

Brooks ‘family released a statement to local news station CBS 58 on Wednesday regarding the tragedy and Brooks’ mental health.

“We, the family of Darrell Brooks, want to extend our condolences to the families of those who have been tragically kidnapped and to all who have been injured as well as to the community of Waukesha. We are deeply saddened and our hearts are torn. that was a day set aside for a community to come together and celebrate, ”the statement read.“ Darrell has suffered from mental health issues since he was very young… Instead of offering help and resources to combat the problem, a prison cell was given. Again and again. When mental illness is not properly treated, the person becomes increasingly ill. It does not go away once a person becomes an adult.


He continues, “We are not looking for excuses, but we believe what happened is that he did not receive the help and resources he needed. suffer from live mental illness. “

Brooks was charged with six counts of first degree intentional homicide and sentenced to $ 5 million cash bail. His current criminal attorneys declined to comment for this story, while a civilian lawyer listed in the files could not be reached immediately.

Michael Ruiz of Fox News contributed to this report.

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