Watch: Authorities rescue injured dog stuck on railroad tracks after it was hit by train

Police officer saves dog who jumped from bridge

Dramatic rescue video shows police dog jumping from bridge and saved with leash


Authorities in Oklahoma recently rescued a dog that was hit by a train and left injured on the tracks for three days.

The rescue was captured on one of the officer’s body cameras, and the footage was shared on social media along with a press release detailing the moment.

A Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office deputy identified as Deputy J. Hutton was first dispatched to the scene on March 27, where he saw that a large dog had been struck by a train. The dog was stuck between the train tracks. Shortly after Hutton arrived, an officer identified as Captain B. Harding of the Wagoner Police Department joined him at the scene.

The two officers realized they couldn’t send a patrol unit to where the dog was stuck, so they asked the sheriff’s office to send a side-by-side vehicle. A side-by-side vehicle is an off-road vehicle that can access areas inaccessible to other vehicles. The sheriff’s office has two such vehicles, according to a recent press release.

Wagoner County Deputies Rescue Injured Dog on Railroad Tracks On 03/27/2024, Wagoner County Deputy J. Hutton was dispatched to the area of ​​East 750 Road and South 288 Road in reference to a injured animal lying on the railway track. Upon arrival, Deputy Hutton observed that a large dog had been struck by a train and was trapped between the train tracks. Captain B. Harding of the Wagoner Police Department arrived shortly thereafter to assist in the animal’s rescue. Deputy Hutton and Captain Harding determined that they could not send a patrol unit to the location of the injured animal. So they asked the Side by Side Sheriff’s Office to come to the scene to transport the animal safely to the road. Lt. J. Halfacre arrived shortly thereafter to assist in transporting the injured animal. Deputy Hutton and Lieutenant Halfacre were able to remove the animal from the tracks. Upon returning to the road, a family member took possession of the dog and transported it to a local veterinarian for treatment. It was discovered that the animal had been injured by a train three days before being located and was unable to free itself. The Sheriff’s Office is happy that the dog was found and hopes for a full recovery of the injured dog. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Wagoner Police Department for their assistance.

Posted by Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, March 28, 2024

Once this vehicle arrived on scene, piloted by Lt. J. Halfacre, he and Hutton were able to reach the dog and remove it from the tracks. The video shows one of the officers picking up and reassuring the animal, then placing it in the ATV’s crate.

“Good boy,” the officer can be heard saying.

A family member encountered them on the road and took the dog to a veterinarian to have its injuries treated, the sheriff’s office said. The office said it hoped the dog would make a full recovery.


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