Washington Post Editor-in-Chief Sally Buzbee Resigns

Washington Post executive editor Sally Buzbee will step down, according to a person with knowledge of the company’s plans, a major and sudden change at one of the nation’s leading news organizations.

Matt Murray, the former executive editor of the Wall Street Journal, will replace her, the source said.

Ms. Buzbee, 58, has led the paper for the past three years, a turbulent period that has resulted in award-winning journalism as well as declining audiences and an exodus of some of the newsroom’s top talent .

A Post spokeswoman did not respond to requests for comment. Ms. Buzbee and Mr. Murray also did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Will Lewis, the chief executive of the Washington Post, has set about rebuilding the paper’s top ranks since his appointment to the post last year. In April, The Post announced the addition of Suzi Watford, a former senior executive at Dow Jones, the publisher of the Wall Street Journal, as its strategy editor. In January, The Post named Karl Wells as chief growth officer, a position responsible for subscription strategy, partnerships, licensing and data analysis.

At a town hall meeting last month, Mr. Lewis briefed employees on his strategy to revive the company and revealed the extent of the Post’s financial woes, including the fact that it lost more than $70 million. dollars in 2023 and suffered a substantial decline in its audience.

Mr. Murray, 58, led the Journal for four years, a position to which he was appointed by Mr. Lewis, who was then chief executive of Dow Jones and publisher of the Journal. Mr Murray was replaced in 2023 by British editor Emma Tucker. He has since consulted for News Corp, owner of the Journal, and worked as editor of News Items, an email newsletter publication.

Ms. Buzbee joined The Post in June 2021 after serving as editor-in-chief of The Associated Press, where she spent her entire career. She succeeded The Post from Marty Baron, a legendary editor who led The Post for eight years and oversaw its transition to ownership by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, who purchased the paper for $250 million. dollars in 2013.

The Post has significantly expanded its editorial ranks under Ms. Buzbee’s leadership, announcing the addition of about 41 positions in 2021 and revamping its vaunted Styles section. The paper also closed its Sunday magazine, a decision that upset many of the paper’s editors. She has received six Pulitzer Prizes since her arrival, including three this year.

Fred Ryan, the company’s former chief executive, resigned last June and was replaced on an interim basis by Amazon board member Patty Stonesifer. Ms. Stonesifer, a confidante of Mr. Bezos, evaluated the company and quickly determined that it needed to cut about 240 jobs in order to become economically sustainable. Ms. Stonesifer led the search for her successor and recruited Mr. Lewis for The Post last year.

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