Virginia Covid patient goes from ‘invincible’ to vaccine advocate in hospital bed

An unvaccinated Virginia man who has been hospitalized with Covid-19 is using social media to urge others to come out and get vaccinated.

Travis Campbell, 43, has been hospitalized for more than a week with complications from the virus, which also infected his wife and two of their children.

Travis Campbell has made videos and Facebook posts asking people to get vaccinated against Covid-19 after testing positive and hospitalized for the virus.Travis Campbell

“We just thought we were invincible and we weren’t going to get it,” said his wife, Kellie Campbell. “And we’ve just been so busy, and we just moved, and we extended the vaccination.”

Kellie Campbell said her husband tested positive on July 22 and his condition gradually worsened. Eventually he was hospitalized. She worries that he will be placed on a ventilator to help her breathe.

“I mean, he couldn’t catch his breath… had a fever, just lethargic, he was in pain, just one thing after another,” she said. “He started in a regular ward, then he went to a Covid intensive care room, and now he’s in pulmonary intensive care. “

Despite his condition, Travis Campbell is determined to make videos to share on Facebook encouraging others to get vaccinated now, his wife said.

“I testify to all of my bulletproof friends who hold out, it’s time to protect your family, it’s not worth long term lung damage or death, please, go get the shot, ”Travis Campbell wrote in a Facebook post on July 25.

Kellie Campbell said her husband is “all about other people” and doesn’t want others to have to face what he is going through.

“He just doesn’t want anyone to have to endure the pain they’re having, and if a vaccine helps them, that’s what they need to do,” she said.

In a video posted from his hospital bed Tuesday night, Travis Campbell asked his followers to consider whether they’d rather plan their own funerals and farewells or get the shot.

“I hope before God that all of my friends and family will not say, ‘Someone is giving me a piece of paper and a pen.’ It’s a sobering thought that I made, ”he said.

As her family and doctors take her husband’s condition from day to day, Kellie Campbell said her advice to others is to go out and get the shot immediately.

“If you have to take time off from work, if you have to miss something, you have to go get the shot because we haven’t, and look where we are now,” she said. “I mean, this should be your top priority. Especially not just for you, but for your family members.

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