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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — After an unusual and contentious hearing Monday morning, a judge overturned County Attorney Mike O’Connell’s decision and allowed a delay in indicting world number one golfer Scottie Scheffler on assault charges criminal offense against a police officer. and other charges from Tuesday to June 3.

Attorney Steve Romines, who represents Scheffler, said he had scheduling issues necessitating the delay. Scheffler is expected to attend the arraignment because he is charged with a crime.

In a rare personal appearance during an impeachment case, O’Connell vigorously objected to the two-week delay, according to video of the impromptu hearing obtained by WDRB News.

“This man should be treated like everyone else in this case,” O’Connell told Judge Anne Delahanty in Jefferson District Court.

Delahanty appealed, perplexed by O’Connell’s position. The judge asked how it would harm prosecutors by delaying the arraignment, saying at one point, “Maybe I’m confused…”

Romines replied: “No, (O’Connell) is a (confused) judge.”

“If we don’t have the case resolved by June 3, (Scheffler) will be here with me in court,” Romines said.

O’Connell said: “Well, I object to it. I think we need to see the impeachment through.”

“I just think that’s the way the case should be handled,” O’Connell said. “He left last night and returned home to Dallas. (…) Respectfully, the Commonwealth does not believe it is appropriate” to delay.

Romines, who looked exasperated at times, argued that arraignments and court hearings were constantly delayed. Denying it to Scheffler, he said, would mean treating him differently from other defendants.

“They have no basis,” Romines told the judge.

Delahanty ruled that a delay was acceptable given that the original arraignment date was scheduled before Romines could check his schedule.

The judge also ruled that Scheffler should be present during the arraignment, which is typically required in a criminal case.

If both sides agreed to waive that requirement, Delahanty said she would make a decision.

O’Connell said during the hearing that his office had spoken with Romines about the case and “the underlying facts that may or may not be in dispute.”

Scheffler was handcuffed Friday morning and charged with felony assault against a Valhalla Golf Club police officer after allegedly refusing to stop near the scene of a fatal accident at the entrance to the course.

Attorney Steve Romines, who represents Scheffler, said he had scheduling issues necessitating the delay.

Romines said a police officer ordered Scheffler to go around and enter the establishment, but the arresting officer did not know that and arrested the golfer.

Louisville Metro Police accused Scheffler of refusing to comply with the commands of Detective Bryan Gillis, accelerating and dragging Gillis to the ground.

The officer was taken to hospital with pain, swelling and abrasions to his left knee and wrist. His uniform pants, estimated to cost $80, “were damaged beyond repair,” according to the arrest report.

But witnesses said Gillis tried to hold on to Scheffler’s vehicle as he drove slowly, and Louisville Metro Police and the mayor said there was no body camera footage of the initial incident.

“The officer did not have a body camera on during the incident,” Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg said. “We didn’t have any…to my knowledge. We haven’t discovered any video of the first contact between Agent Gillis and Mr. Scheffler.”

LMPD said the incident is under investigation.

Scheffler, who said it was a “chaotic situation and a big misunderstanding,” was scheduled to appear in Jefferson District Court on May 21.

In an arrest report, police say Scheffler was driving “eastbound to access the course” at Gate 1 of Valhalla when he entered a westbound lane “where outgoing traffic was traveling and to avoid congested traffic.

Gillis was “in full LMPD uniform and a high-visibility yellow reflective rain jacket” when he stopped Scheffler and “attempted to give instructions,” according to the report.

Romines has repeatedly said Scheffler did nothing wrong.

“He was trying to enter the establishment when he was arrested,” Romines said. “Scottie didn’t know what was going on.”

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