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Video released Tuesday shows the moment gunfire erupted during a traffic stop in Chicago last month, killing a man who opened fire on officers before they responded with more than 90 shots. fire in less than a minute.

According to the Civilian Office of Police Accountability in Chicago, five Chicago officers assigned to a tactical unit in the 11th District arrested Dexter Reed Jr. on March 21 in the 3800 block of West Ferdinand for “failing to wear a seat belt.”

As the group arrested Reed, several officers surrounded his vehicle and, according to several body camera videos, asked him to roll down his windows several times. The officers then yelled at Reed not to roll up the windows and to unlock his doors.

As they scream, Reed can be heard saying “OK, I’ll try,” as the officers continue to pull on the door handle and yell at him to unlock the doors, with some stepping back and raising their guns.

In the videos, gunshots are heard as officers take cover and several shots are fired within seconds. One of the officers walks away from the scene, with video showing blood flowing from his arm.

“When Mr. Reed did not obey these commands, the officers pointed their firearms at Mr. Reed and ultimately there was an exchange of gunfire that left Mr. Reed dead and an officer shot shot in the forearm,” COPA said in a statement.

According to COPA, “review of video footage and initial reports appears to confirm that Mr. Reed fired first, striking the officer, and that four officers returned fire.”

In total, officers fired approximately 96 shots in 41 seconds, some of which continued after Reed exited the vehicle and fell to the ground, COPA reported. Video evidence recorded dozens of shots fired during this period, although it is unclear which came from officers and which came from Reed. Dozens of bullet holes can be seen in Reed’s vehicle.

Officers are captured handcuffing Reed after the shooting before first responders begin chest compressions.

Reed, 26, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was later pronounced dead. A police officer was shot in the wrist and was last reported to be in good condition, according to CPD Supt. Larry Snelling said at the time.

Several other officers were taken to hospital for observation and are said to be in good condition.

Officials said a firearm was recovered from the front passenger seat of Reed’s vehicle.

At the time of the shooting, Cook County court records showed Reed was out on bail after being charged in 2023 with three counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and one count of possession of a a firearm with a revoked FOID card. He had appeared in court in person days before the shooting and was next scheduled to appear for a pretrial hearing in April.

“As an agency founded on the fundamental principle of reform, we take investigations into the use of deadly force and surrounding circumstances very seriously. COPA has a responsibility, as outlined in the federal consent decree and city ordinance, to review every police shooting involving CPD officers,” First Deputy Chief Administrator Ephraim Eaddy said in a statement.” Each use of deadly force must be evaluated by examining the totality of the circumstances, including the officer’s actions prior to the use of force. Therefore, we will carefully review the actions of the officers involved and their supervisors to determine whether training, policy and guidelines were properly followed. Our immediate investigative measures included responding to the scene, viewing available body-worn camera footage, and observing the collection of evidence, including shell casings and other ballistic evidence.

Chicago police said the shooting remains under investigation.

“We cannot make a decision on this shooting until all the facts are known and this investigation is complete,” the department said in a statement following the release of the video.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson called the images “extremely painful and traumatic for many residents of our city.”

“As a mayor and a father raising a family – including two Black boys from the West Side – I am personally devastated to see another young Black man lose his life during an interaction with police,” Johnson said during a press conference after the release of the video. “My heart breaks for Dexter Reed’s family. They are grieving the loss of a son, a brother and a nephew. I spoke to Dexter’s family this weekend and offered them my most Sincere condolences. I know there is also a community of friends, his teammates, coaches and neighbors who are also mourning his loss.”

“I also prayed for the full recovery of the officer who was shot during this interaction and who I visited in the hospital the day of the incident. Fortunately, he is recovering, but if this bullet had hit him a few inches in a different direction, I’ll be here today to talk about the loss of another young black man,” Johnson continued. “It weighs heavily on me that this event took place just blocks from my own community. And it is not lost on me that Dexter Reed and this officer could have been my students.”

Johnson noted that the officers involved in the shooting are on 30 days of administrative leave.

“I want to be clear: Shooting a police officer can never be tolerated or excused. I will never tolerate it. And we will always hold our police to the highest standards,” Johnson said. “As officers of the law, they have the highest responsibility to the communities they serve. As government, as representatives of the people, we have an obligation to uphold the rule of law and follow procedures, and that’s what we are. As this city remembers the life of Dexter Reed, I urge everyone to remain in peace and not lead our city down the path of division, but rather toward healing and change for the better. We all mourn the loss of life and trauma that follows pervasive violence. We can never accept violence as a way of life in Chicago. It is about a call for dialogue, advocacy, and ultimately constructive action to prevent tragic events like this from happening again. And this administration is deeply committed to accountability and transparency in order to that true justice and true security may be achieved. »

Some Chicago religious leaders have called for an independent investigation into the shooting, while Reed’s family members have described it as an execution.

“Mr. Reed was loved by his family, was an outstanding athlete, and previously worked as a certified security guard at the University of Illinois Credit Union One Arena. His family deserves the straight truth.” , said the Leaders Network of Chicago, of which the Rev. is a member. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Ira Acree and several others said in a statement. “We believe in law and order, community policing and police accountability. In Mr. Reed’s case, we demand to know how a simple traffic stop results in the deaths of civilians. The video recording of This encounter raises more questions than answers. Simply put, we cannot trust the police or its sister agency, COPA, to control the police. An independent investigation is the only way to gain trust in the system.

The Rev. Michael Pfleger said the images “are horrific to watch” and “leave me with many questions.”

“This investigation must be thorough, transparent and honest,” Pfleger said in a statement. “If laws and procedures are not followed, people must be held accountable. We must all wait for a full investigation and keep an eye on the process and transparency.”

Reed’s family is expected to speak out about the release of the footage Tuesday afternoon.

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