Verizon’s new V logo arrives as lines blur between 5G, Fios and streaming

Verizon ditched its checkmark logo for a red and yellow “V” and, with that change, introduced a new ad that revisits its “Can you hear me now?” slogan. It also announced updated home internet plans, now called “myHome,” which include a host of service bundles like Disney Plus and Netflix as well as options for cloud storage or a Walmart Plus subscription.

In the commercial, that “now” turns into more than just words, with streaming videos, TikToks, gaming, and FaceTiming to emphasize that this connection does much more than it did in 2002, when the campaign began. (The fact that Paul Marcarelli, the original Verizon guy, defected to Sprint in 2016 is not mentioned.)

Here’s the old logo and the new one in case you want to play a little game of “spot the difference”.

Goodbye tick!
Image: Verizon

Meanwhile, in its MyHome offerings, the services so far cost $10 per month each, just like its myPlan offerings. Later this summer, the company says it will begin offering Apple One plans with iCloud Plus, Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus, and Apple Music as well. (However, it hasn’t announced pricing for this.) It also has its own cloud storage plan for $10 monthly.

Internet plans, which will mostly be 5G or LTE fixed wireless plans, start at $35.99 per month if you subscribe to its phone plans and autopay. If you’re lucky, 5G plans could be as fast as 300 Mbps (or up to a gigabit with its 5G Home Plus service). Verizon claims its LTE plans allow downloads of up to 50 Mbps. This price also applies to its Fios plans.

Verizon’s new myHome Internet plans.
Image: Verizon

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