Veilguard’s character creator is impressive

Dragon Age: The Veilkeeper‘s The character creator is the most robust BioWare has ever put into one of its RPGs. We had a glimpse of it at Summer Game Festival and I can confirm Mass Effect And Dragon Ages the old ones have nothing on what’s coming. But the character customization options aren’t as exciting as a big change between Inquisition And The sail guard:They fix the terrible lighting that plagued the character creator of the 2014 RPG.

A quick Google search for Dragon Age: InquisitionThe character creator will show you characters that are ten years old Reddit threads Complaining about the lighting being too dark and green, players had to customize their inquisitors before setting off to save Thedas. Sure, this probably seemed very appropriate for the dark setting of the opening hour, but it was all too common for players to love the way their character looked in the character creator only to hate how they looked in another light. I love my Inquisitor, but it took me a while to adjust to his appearance once I was out in the world. BioWare has heard this criticism loud and clear since The veil guard.

In an interview with Game InformerCreative director John Epler has confirmed that the character creator will let you see your Protective veil character in four different lightings before confirming his look. Three of them include “The sail guardThe dominant purple hue of , a bright, sunny tropical day and a gothic night.

This is a small but significant change to a character creator that already offers more options than its predecessor. Players will be able to create a human, elf, dwarf, or Qunari character, choose between she, he, or they pronouns, and define their character’s origin by choosing one of six factions they could belong to.

According to Game Informerthere are sliders for almost every part of your character’s face, including “forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, jaw, chin, larynx, and scalp.” But the face isn’t the only thing that can be changed. Protagonist Rook’s body can also be altered in significant ways. Including “height, shoulder width, chest circumference, size of buttocks and bulges, width of hips, how bloodshot your eyes are, visibility of cataracts, color of sclera, curvature of your nose, size of its bridge, size of nostrils. and the tip of your nose.”

This level of customization extends to Rook’s mouth and ears, as well as makeup, underwear, tattoos, scars, and paint options (with race-specific options for elves). Artistic Director Matt Rhodes states that Protective veil the team has made great progress on hairstyles, Especially black hair, thanks to EA’s Frostbite engine, which renders all available hairstyles with realistic physics. Appearance is only part of Rook’s customization, as you will also be able to customize his voice in the same way as Inquisitionwhich includes one or two male and female options, one being English and the other American.

Generally, The Keeper of the Veil‘s The character customization seems to be a marked improvement over anything BioWare has given us so far. Unfortunately, BioWare denied Game Informer all the images or sequences that can be used for this. We will just have to wait and see if the studio will show it in the coming months before The veil guard is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S this fall.


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