Valve reveals most played games on Steam Deck

Valve has added a new chart to its publicly available data list: a list of . The information can be sorted by week, month, or year, and will be updated daily.

These rankings can play an important role in game discovery on the platform. It is therefore worth noting that making a list does not depend solely on the number of players. Valve’s Lawrence Yang said more about the process. “The metric we use to determine the most played players is a combination of unique users and interest,” Yang said. “Hades 2 has only been out for a month, but there are so many Steam Deck players who consider it one of their most played games of the entire year that it has moved up the rankings.

When launching the map, Ancient Ring unsurprisingly, occupies first place after the recent The shadow of the Erdtree release (). An indie favorite Stardew Valley is currently in second and hot deck construction Balatro is in third. Both Hades 2 And Hades made it into the top ten. There are also some surprising entries, such as Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix in fifth place and Fallout 4 in sixth. If you’re looking to add something from the Steam Deck ranking to your library, now’s your chance to load up your queue for less with the .

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