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Vaccinate minors against Covid-19? Mexican President points to pressure from laboratories – RT in French

Explaining that he would rely on the recommendations of international health organizations before considering a vaccination campaign for minors, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador spoke of the pressure exerted by the laboratories on this subject.

During a press conference held on July 30 at the headquarters of the Mexican presidency, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador spoke, among other things, about the vaccination campaign in his country.

Laboratories are pushing for more

The Mexican head of state said in particular that he would wait for recommendations from appropriate institutions before considering authorization to vaccinate minors. “We are looking at the recommendations of international health organizations because the laboratories are pushing for more,” said Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador. “They would like [imposer] a third, a fourth or a fifth dose, right? ”he asked, not without irony, to his audience.

In any case, the position adopted today by the President of Mexico concerning the vaccination of minors goes against the vaccination policy of other countries, including France, which opened vaccination to children in June. over 12 years old with parental consent.

As a reminder, the World Health Organization (WHO) on July 21 asked rich countries not to vaccinate the youngest and to donate their surplus doses to poor countries. In Geneva, its director general described as a “moral scandal” the fact that 75% of vaccines administered to date have only been administered in ten countries.

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