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US to send $1 billion in weapons to Israel, sources say

Palestinians flee Rafah before Israeli operation

Palestinians flee Rafah before Israeli operation


The Biden administration has informed Congress that it intends to transfer $1 billion in weapons to Israel, a congressional aide confirmed to CBS News on Tuesday.

Congress will have to approve the transfer. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the news.

The move comes days after the United States suspended shipments of some munitions to Israel and President Biden said in an interview with CNN that the United States would further reduce its arms shipments if Israel expanded its ground offensive to include civilian population centers in the southern Gaza town of Rafah.

“We continue to send military assistance and we will ensure that Israel receives the full amount provided in the supplement,” national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Monday, referring to a recently announced funding plan. signed which includes approximately $14 billion for Israel’s defense.

Last month, Congress passed $95 billion foreign aid bill which provides military aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan.

The House is also set to vote this week on a measure that would require the State Department and the Department of Defense to make “expeditious delivery” of military equipment. The White House has pledged to veto the bill, although the bill is unlikely to be approved by the Senate.

Arden Farhi contributed to this report.


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