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US Navy Sailors Earn Blue Noses for Arctic Crossing

  • The Order of the Blue Nose is a naval tradition awarded to sailors who cross the Arctic Circle.
  • The tradition involves a series of trials and obstacles to obtain a visit from the King of the North.
  • The Blue Nose ceremony is one of the rarest naval traditions.

The Order of the Blue Nose is one of the most exclusive clubs among members of the US Navy.

The Order of the Blue Nose is a riff on the crossing of the line ceremony that many sailors experience when crossing the equatorial line.

What makes joining the Order of the Blue Nose more difficult is that sailors must be on board a ship crossing the Arctic Circle at 66°33′ north latitude, symbolizing their entry into the “kingdom” of Boreas Rex, king of the North.

Sailors who participate in this rare naval tradition must complete a number of tasks in the freezing temperatures of the Arctic in order to earn the king’s favor and their blue noses.


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