US ISM PMI data coming soon, the range of estimates (and why it’s crucial to know them)

ICYMI, I posted this info during Monday’s Asian session:

If you want to know the range of estimates and why they are important, check out this link.

However, if you just want the numbers, the consensus median is in the screenshot below, while the ranges:

For the ISM data point, the range of expectations shows:

  • minimum 48.7 to maximum 50.5

Construction expenses will also be of some interest, the range is as follows:

  • This snapshot of the ForexLive economic data calendar, access it here.
  • Times in leftmost column are GMT (subtract 4 hours for US Eastern Time)
  • The numbers in the rightmost column are the “previous” result (previous month/quarter as applicable). The number in the column next to it, where there is a number, is the expected consensus median.


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