Update: Pounding the Rock NBA Draft Big Board

The NBA Draft is just a few hours away (if you didn’t know/remember, it’s been split into a two-night event). Right now, you probably have your favorite prospects, the ones you’re just interested in, and probably a handful of them who would frustrate you if they were drafted by the San Antonio Spurs. That’s not going to stop me from providing an update to the Big Board I posted here last week that I know has left some readers scratching their heads.

Once again, I’ll leave a few notes before getting into the rankings:

The initial rankings were based solely on the quality of their highlight tape and how I thought their play in those highlights would translate to the NBA. That’s why a few guys were in places that went against the consensus.

This update includes more context, looks at weaknesses, and whether what appeared to be strengths were visible enough to appear real. And in the end, my personal belief in these guys’ success in the NBA played the biggest role in the rankings.

I have included a “best fit” for each prospect. Using each team’s current draft location, I chose each fit based on where I think the player could be drafted, so Dalton Knecht would not get the Golden State Warriors as they did not have a pick until number 52. Each team with a pick, one player was obtained, and teams with multiple first-round picks got multiple players.

Heights and weights are measurements from the NBA Draft Combine and Global NBA pre-draft camp (heights are without shoes). I also used RealGM for their stats and age.

This list does not include all of the top prospects. I started doing this after watching highlights on the No Ceilings NBA YouTube channel. They had a mix of different players that I met with, but then decided to include the missing prospects from the best available from ESPN.

Without further ado, here is my finalized grand inaugural painting:

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