‘Undisputed excuse champion’ – Deontay Wilder’s coach leaves fans stunned after giving new bizarre reason for Joseph Parker loss

Deontay Wilder looked out of character against Joseph Parker, and his coach claims he knows why.

The ‘Bronze Bomber’ suffered his third career defeat against Parker in December, failing to use his trademark power to cause the perfect New Zealander any problems.


Wilder struggled in labored performance against ParkerCredit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom

In the aftermath of his performance, Wilder blamed multiple trips as a key factor in his defeat and insisted he would not retire even as he neared his twilight years.

Now, in a new reasoning for his loss, coach Malik Scott has blamed Wilder’s use of the psychedelic drug ayahuasca for taking away his “killer instinct.”

He told Instant Casinos: “I think Deontay has a killer instinct that you can’t suppress, but I think he liked ayahuasca.

“He said it made him a little content and allowed him to understand the smaller, sweeter things in life.

“Violence wasn’t a top priority that night and I think that’s why we failed. Deontay is a killer, he’s violent – and Deontay didn’t show up that night.

“But he’s not the fighter you’re going to see in his next fight.”

Wilder had claimed ahead of his long-awaited return in December 2023 that his experiences with drugs had left him “reborn” and on a new path to redemption.

But fans were left stunned by Scott’s new comments, with one writing: “He is the undisputed champion of apologies!”

Wilder remained depressed after his defeat


Wilder remained depressed after his defeatCredit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom

Another wrote: “Wilder and his team when it comes to making the worst and most unbelievable excuses.”

One joked: “Wilder has as many excuses as knockouts at this point.”

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One fan agreed: “Wilder was once capable of extreme violence, but like many fighters who make big money, it’s hard to wake up hungry when you’re sleeping between silk sheets.”

One gave a more sinister reason for the defeat, adding: “I think Tyson Fury has broken his morale, or more simply put, his pride. He definitely hasn’t been the same since these back-to-back brutal defeats .”

Despite the damaging loss, Wilder appears ready to return and is in talks to face Zhilei Zhang in June, according to reports.

He is hoping for one last appearance at world titles, but a victory would surely end his stay in the professional ranks.

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