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Ukraine strikes large Russian Project 775 landing ship in Crimea

Two Ukrainian Su-24 aircraft attacked the Feodosiya port in Crimea with missiles and damaged the Ropucha-class Project 775 LPD of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The damaged Project 775 LPD was identified as “Novocherkassk”, as it was at the port before the attack, which was confirmed using satellite images. The assault was first announced on several Telegram channels. Russian media outlet RIA Novosti reported the news, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the missiles fired were Storm Shadow/SCALP EG cruise missiles and claimed Russian air defenses attacked and destroyed the planes. The head of the Ukrainian Air Force also announced that its warplanes had destroyed the ship.

The LPD appeared destroyed and half-sunk after the fire was extinguished.

According to BBC World, the port’s transport operations are operating normally after the area was sealed off. A fire caused by the attack was brought under control.

British-supplied Storm Shadow and the essentially identical French-supplied SCALP-EG are an air-launched cruise missile. Ukraine has adapted the Soviet-era Su-24 Fencer jet to carry two missiles.

Storm Shadow uses the BROACH warhead. This stands for Bomb Royal Ordnance Augmented Charge and signifies a two-stage delayed explosion. The missile plunges into the target and the first charge creates a hole in the structure for the second warhead to pass through. The main detonation then occurs inside or below the target, depending on the fuse settings.

Novocherkassk is not the first Russian Navy ship hit by Storm Shadow missiles. The Russian Navy’s Kilo-class upgraded submarine Rostov-on-Don was hit by Storm Shadow missiles in Sevastopol on September 13.

A version of this article was originally published on Naval News. It has been republished here with permission.

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