Ukraine can strike Russian targets with Dutch F-16s – POLITICO

“We simply ask them to comply with international law and the right of self-defense as set out in the United Nations Charter, which means that they use it to target the military objectives that they must in their rightful pursuit defense,” Ollongren said.

Ollongren and U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin were among senior officials who met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who also attended the Singapore conference on Sunday.

The Netherlands also pledged to maintain its naval presence in the South China Sea, where Southeast Asian countries are increasingly uncomfortable with China’s assertive behavior in international waters. .

A Dutch frigate passed through the Taiwan Strait without incident while Ollongren was in Singapore. However, she said a Chinese helicopter recently attempted to approach a Dutch helicopter during a joint exercise with the United States over the South China Sea.

“It was remarkable,” she said. “We were in international waters and our helicopter was in the air, but also in the international part.”

Ollongren will step down as Dutch defense minister following the inauguration of the country’s new far-right government. She expressed hope that the new government will continue to support NATO and Ukraine.

“I think it is vital that we continue to play this role. I saw in the program of the new government that support for Ukraine will continue, that the new government also values ​​the European Union, NATO, etc. “, she said.


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