UK minister confirmed as 12th target in Westminster ‘spear-phishing’ scandal – POLITICO

When the former MP asked again who they were, the sender gave a last name as well as the name of an MP he claimed to work for. “Now you know I’m not just some random person who pops up to compliment your ass,” they added. The next day, the sender sent an explicit photo, to which the former MP immediately blocked her.

“When you described the phishing techniques, my heart started racing,” the ex-congressman told POLITICO after reading the original story Wednesday morning. “I (previously) put it down to the fact that Westminster had a lot of weird people working there.”

One of the journalists involved was bombarded with messages beginning with questions about their situation and that of their boyfriend – who the sender correctly named –.

“It was really nice to hear you on the radio yesterday,” the sender said, before sending an explicit photo, then running around for several days saying “say something,” “hey,” “I’m really sorry” and “lots of things planned for the long weekend?

The other journalist was contacted on March 11 by “Charlie,” who claimed they had “exchanged numbers after drinking one night.” The journalist quickly blocked this number, but a day later he received a message from “Abi”, using the other cell number in question.

When the journalist replied that it was “clearly the same person as yesterday”, “Abi” replied: “I was sad that you blocked me.” After being asked again who they were, the sender replied, “I was excited and messaged you.” That’s a bit like it.”


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