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UFC legend Georges St-Pierre jokes about his hometown statue that looks like former US President Obama as he joins Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah for having an unfortunate bronze likeness

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Georges St-Pierre has proven to have a world-class sense of humor by acknowledging that his statue in his hometown near Quebec resembles Barack Obama.

Last month, the former UFC two-weight world champion was immortalized in bronze after his career decorated inside the octagon, with many believing he is the best at doing it.

The 40-year-old last fought in 2017 when he smothered Michael Bisping to become the middleweight world champion after dominating at 170 pounds earlier in his career.

GSP lost only twice in his professional MMA career, gaining legendary status and the Canadians decided to recognize his accomplishments with the statue in the town of Saint-Isidore.

With his elbows raised in a fighting stance and a smile on his face, some fans were quick to say he looked like 44e President of the United States, Obama.

And now, a month after the statue was unveiled, the UFC legend has proven he can make a joke by joining in the jokes on his Instagram page.

GSP is unlikely to be the latest sports star to fall victim to an unfortunate likeness carved in bronze.

Cristiano Ronaldo was honored in his hometown of Madeira with a bust that looked nothing like him, while the statue of Mohamed Salah in Egypt was compared to Marv from Home Alone.

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