UFC legend Chuck Liddell asks fans key question about Jake Gyllenhaal vs Tom Hardy and all agree on outcome

UFC legend Chuck Liddell has proposed a fight between Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hardy.

Gyllenhaal starred in Amazon Prime’s remake of the Hollywood classic Road House alongside UFC icon Conor McGregor, playing a former MMA fighter named Elwood Dalton.


Gyllenhaal played a UFC fighter and filmed some of his scenes during the weigh-in at UFC 285.Credit: Getty

During this time, Hardy starred as an MMA fighter called Tommy Conlon in the 2011 film Warrior, who trained with his father before clashing with his ex-brother.

Both men play similar roles and so were naturally thrust into a fantastic fight, with UFC legend Liddell posting on Instagram: “Who you got?”

But fans seemed unanimous on the winner, with one writing: “Brother, you can’t compare Tom Hardy to Gyllenhaal. Tom would wipe the floor with little Jake…”

Another agreed: “Tommy all day, Tom Hardy is a true BJJ purple belt too.”

A third added: “Tom Hardy all day. I can’t take Gyllenhaal seriously as Dalton. I always see him as the bubble boy.”

This fan then pointed out the film’s storylines, writing: “S***, it’s tough man. Tommy Conlon ripped the door off a tank and Dalton succumbed to Knox in the first half of the movie. I’ll go Tommy!”

And one fan even backed Hardy in a real fight, adding: “Acting – Jake
A real fight – Tom. »

However, one Gyllenhaal supporter commented: “I mean, Dalton Elwood can’t seem to lose a fight AND he has the original Roadhouse movie backing him up.

Liddell sparked a debate among fans over who won a fantasy fight between the two actors


Liddell sparked a debate among fans over who won a fantasy fight between the two actors
Liddell is a former UFC light heavyweight champion


Liddell is a former UFC light heavyweight championCredit: getty

“Watch the original if you haven’t, it’s beautiful.”

Hardy ultimately received the support in the fight, likely due to his previous experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that he gained while filming on the set of Warrior.

MMA star Conor McGregor says he hopes to return to the UFC in June or July at the premiere of his new film with Jake Gyllenhaal, Road House

The former Peaky Blinders star has won martial arts tournaments and he even earned a purple belt for his achievements.

He stunned fans by gaining 28 pounds of muscle and learning how to fight in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while performing his role.

This has seen him train with a host of famous faces from combat sports, including WWE legend Kurt Angle and former UFC knockout artist Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

Gyllenhaal enjoyed great success opposite McGregor in Road House, with the film breaking Amazon’s record for the most-watched film in its history, with 50 million viewers.


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